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  1. Mouse Binds

    I got myself the Razer Deathdadder 2013 ( 6400 DPI 4G Sensor) ( 2 buttons on the left where's my thumb ) 2. What is your DPI setting on your mouse (Preferably in-game) - ( 800 DPI - 500 hz) 3. What is your sensitivity in-game (BOTH CS 1.6 AND GO) - Sensitivity 1.6 ( i play with mouse accel on ) here's my setup , m_customaccel 1 , m_customaccel_exponent 0.0 , m_customaccel_max 0.0 , m_customaccel_scale 0.4 , m_rawinput 0 . 4. What you binded your buttons to (For example, Back button - Voice) ( For Grenade and Chest/Helm ) heres the link : http://www.cstrike-planet.com/buygen/cs bind "mouse4" "primammo; secammo; flash; hegren; defuser; vesthelm" it works pretty well.
  2. #IceBucketChallenge, for or against?

    well honestly i don't care if its dumb or not, it's for a good cause, and they made up to millions with it, if i could donate, i already would. atleast its for a good cause .
  3. Map

    Oh, my bad Lasse, i didn't know there was something like that lol i will in the future. and like i said its only like "occasionally" when people feel like having a blast of fun , like as_oilrig.
  4. Map

    Hi, i wanted to suggest this map on main 1 , when occasionally we are like 10v10 or something, its the map called de_desktop , ive played it many times in the past when i was playing WC3 on CSCZ , and its a really fun map such as as_oilrig , its a huge open map, it can afford 32 slots. you guys can trust me on this one, it's a really fun map , you can like run thru the data and everything , walking on the cable , and on the map there's pencil , a desktop , and a desk , i'm pretty sure people will like it if we put it when its on low traffic. here's the link http://maps.cs-bg.info/maps/cs/111/
  5. Allow me to reintroduce myself my name Hon'

    Hi welcome ! Hope to see you around ! have a blast buddy!
  6. Robin Williams

    its not the end of the world, for some people, he was someone important, we didn't know him personally, but its touching us cause he was one of our favorite actors of our childhood, when i was a kid i watched jumanji , Flubber , and lately he did RV , and Old Dogs with john travolta, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0976238/ , he made alot of people laugh in his career , and alot of joy and happiness. R.I.P Robin Williams, you'll never be forgotten.
  7. I feel bad..

    LOL hahahahaha
  8. Sup guyz

    Hey Derrick! welcome to renegade! Enjoy your stay! See you around!
  9. Eithan :)

    welcome back homie! take care of yourself, see you in main
  10. Latest movie that you watched

    Teen Mutant Ninja Turtle, saw it today , was an awesome movie ! i watched every TMNT back when i was a kid, it was a blast !
  11. Sig Request ( For Purple)

    toothy can you try to make one like this? http://bigbackground.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/3d-graffiti-backgrounds.jpg http://www.pageresource.com/wallpapers/wallpaper/abstract-graffiti-wallcapture_930861.jpg http://th06.deviantart.net/fs71/PRE/f/2012/337/b/d/balagued3d_graffiti_wallpaper_entry_by_pear_v2_by_peararts-d5mxnrk.png http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2012/143/9/3/wallpaper_graffiti_style__cris_by_crisinaction-d50wjr7.jpg those are the one that i like, if you can make something like that, then your fucking god.
  12. Sig Request ( For Purple)

    toothy ( or whoever is mading the sig) , can you make me like a "graffiti" with like a yellow background or something with my name like this " puRpLe " on it ? i need a sig haha , thank's in advance for your effort and your patience. really appreciate it !
  13. Francais!/French!

    gogol non plus ne parle pas vraiment le francais, juste UN PEU
  14. Greetings!

    Welcome GLO! Enjoy your stay, sorry if i rape you guys in game :]
  15. When playing CS or other FPS games..

    evans blue - live to die , listen to that, that's pump me up ! ;D