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  1. Ayy Congrats @MaGNuM you've won! I'll send the game to you on Steam shortly. PM me if you have any troubles accepting the game, pretty straight forward though. Upon redeeming it, you might get a gift copy to give away to someone too, not sure. Thanks to all participants! Be patient while we try to work on some nicer giveaways in the near future!
  2. Just sayin... It can go underlooked
  3. Ozys ozys ozys... Slytherin skin scandal. Good to see you back buddy. Might not be on until the weekend or so but love seeing you around. That ping though...
  4. @dev1n start tagging people, otherwise your threads/questions won't be responded to unless people see this. @Wrath
  5. Please be patient as these things take time. @Wrath
  6. -2 Ali 1. Ali (14) 2. BeaM (16) 3. CATEGORYRKO (20) 4. Corsi (20) 5. Enlil (20) 6. Toxyn (20) 7. Liquidbullets (18)
  7. Hey iSuck, nice suggestion. If I'm not mistaken the previous stats system was from, which incorporated all these points you speak of. I do like the idea of points for plant/defuse. Makes complete sense in my opinion, as that is the objective in the map, points should definitely be awarded. So, why the stats system has changed, I believe it's because the old one was and this is now Wraths stat/point system he developed. @Wrath
  8. I love the idea of headshot only, but to me that's more for, like practice, aim maps. I could see headshot only DM in our Server irritating people. Could be worth a shot though, it might attract certain players looking to hone their skills, some true 1.6 veterans I'm not voting because to me it doesn't matter either way, since I don't play there. I know headshot only is super fun, but it can be frustrating for some players who aren't skilled enough and keep dying.
  9. Message me @Wrath whenever you see me online, I'll go in and test with you.
  10. Okay, well I tested it yesterday, not working. @Wrath did you turn it off as you were testing to see what was causing Server Crashes? Arash was in Server at that time too, he knifed, didn't hear anything.
  11. Let's make a new poll and vote to see if we should remove the CT Spawn then, or make it longer by 10-20 seconds? I agree as well, I mean, it's not horrible the way it is, it pushes the CT's out of their spawn as well, but I don't like the idea of someone say, camping spawn boxes? Should that be fair, since it is in the middle of the map and t's will run through there? I'm open for any suggestions or changes people may want to make, with a Poll/Vote of course.
  12. I'll test it today again but a few days ago, while knifing, no Humiliation Sound @Lasse Also, pretty sure the chat bugs out still, have seen many people say others aren't reading their chat and vice versa. Probably all the text on the screen but I don't know for certain.
  13. + 2 finesse RIS (15) finesse (3) Jaxiki (✟) SixSixSix (✟)
  14. Hey @sHiro` ~Ushino welcome to the forums! @Wrath is from Morrocco too! Anyways hope you enjoy the community, come play Main 1 sometime! Enjoy!

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