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  1. +2 Arash 1. Arash (11) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (12)
  2. Hey Kazbo! Glad you made it to the Forums and that you've been enjoying the Main 1 Server. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to let us know. Enjoy!
  3. +2 wachi 1. Arash (19) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (10)
  4. Wow, congrats @Wrath you're the winner! I'll contact you on Steam. Thanks to all participants, will host another giveaway at some point. Feel free to message me with any games you might want in your Steam Library, if it's within budget I'll buy that game and list it for a future giveaway.
  5. +2 Wachi 1. Arash (17) 2. Klaathax (19) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (14)
  6. Hey hey Liu Kang! We've spoke before so I'm already aware but awesome again, glad you made it to Forums and are active in this community! It seems to be growing each week and with each and everyone one of you, we can make it active and appealing. Love the people joining like yourself, scape, iSuck, and more. Catch you soon, fellow Canadian eh! lmao
  7. Kick ass dude, loved those movies, Elysium and Warcraft, that's wicked dude wow. Kudos bro!
  8. +2 Arash 1. Arash (15) 2. Klaathax (18) 3. Plato (16) 4. Wachi (17) @MaGNuM keep an eye mate. I just had to edit from your last input down for both Wachi and I. You missed Shaolins/Ozys post resulting in the numbers being way off. <3 :wub:
  9. Hey hey Sleepie! Good seeing you, catch you in Main 1 sometime.
  10. -2 damage to Klaathax 1. Arash (18) 2. Klaathax (18) 3. Plato (18) 4. Wachi (20)
  11. Hey Assassin good to see you back, hop in Main1 and join us sometime!
  12. heal Arash +2 1. Arash (20) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (20)
  13. Well hey there effin weirdo, !MM!. Lmfao We all miss Hatch <3 Lasse's done well with the website and community. Enjoy, probably never see you back here? Lol
  14. Hey hey Unbeatable! Awesome you made it to the Forums! It's because I added you on Steam right? Riiiight? Lol Anyways, glad to see you in Server and on Forums. If you every need an Admin, message us on Steam or the main page Shoutbox. Cheers!

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