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  1. Music topic.

  2. Latest movie that you watched

    Recently watched Alien Covenant, enjoyed it. Also Phoenix Forgotten, really enjoyed it. Both by Ridley Scott!
  3. Ya I might not make it either have to help a friend with some stuff today. If I'm on I'm on, if not, enjoy everyone.
  4. Music topic.

  5. Bored. Anything goes V.3

    I love @Wachi Juan. PS Lasse, Kanye Kardashians suck, stop with the memes. Love Wachi <3
  6. Enable round summary?

    Hey @Gotchu I think Wrath/Wachi DID add this back, but Wrath is usually tweaking things, checking causes for crashes, etc etc. I might be mistaken @Wrath @Wachi ?
  7. Just realized 5PM EST. I'll try to be on time, usually eating around that time so I might be a little late. If so feel free to start without me, but I WILL be on and ready 5-ish.
  8. If I'm around that day yes 100%!
  9. Music topic.

  10. Totally just read Linkin Park news, now I understand. RIP Chester wow </3

    1. Plato


      Good friends with Chris Cornell, died on his birthday? Chris also died... :S Saw him live wtf, I really do not pay attention to the news. wtffffffffffffffffffffff

    2. Bam Bam

      Bam Bam

      4 days ago...RIP :/


  11. Music topic.

  12. Bored. Anything goes V.3

    If ONLY I could like your post. FAIL. I can quote you atleast. @Gotchu figured out how to React though???
  13. 8 months into fatherhood

    Wait, your name's Ryan? Hi. And again congrats dude baby looks happy and healthy! Keep up the good work. Cheers.
  14. Bored. Anything goes V.3

    Fail on my part I know. The new Forum and all the buttons messed me up. I had no idea where to click lmfao And now I don't know how to like your post, or, 'React' is it now?
  15. for your consideration

    Thanks finesse and Gotchu. I completely apologize, because I just created a long post from finesse lol When her actual question is about the 'crouch hop/silent hop' I just wanted to bring you in for the explanation on the Razer Synapse Macro whatever and how you achieve such speeds. Which reminded me, we never really set it as a rule before, but ya obviously not in Main 1. So with regards to the crouch hop/silent hop, I think the majority vote is it should stay and it's a part of the game. Finesses situation is a bit different/unfair in terms of pub. Again reply back, anyone, freely. Otherwise this will be resolved soon. Thanks again. Edit: The Final Decision of this matter will go to the Owner, Future Server Manager, Developers and all the people!