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  1. for your consideration

    Thanks finesse and Gotchu. I completely apologize, because I just created a long post from finesse lol When her actual question is about the 'crouch hop/silent hop' I just wanted to bring you in for the explanation on the Razer Synapse Macro whatever and how you achieve such speeds. Which reminded me, we never really set it as a rule before, but ya obviously not in Main 1. So with regards to the crouch hop/silent hop, I think the majority vote is it should stay and it's a part of the game. Finesses situation is a bit different/unfair in terms of pub. Again reply back, anyone, freely. Otherwise this will be resolved soon. Thanks again.
  2. Latest movie that you watched

    Recently watched The Circle and really enjoyed it. Worth watching, twice.
  3. for your consideration

    @iSUCK cs1.6 As Gotchu has stated, 'Crouch Hop' is just with mwheeldown +duck and it provides a different movement to the player. It may throw off hitboxes, but this is a very common thing for players to do. The 'G-Strafe' (which I added to the Rules of not being allowed) is when a player with 500+ FPS Player uses Macros on their Mouse Wheel, with 30+ ducks per second, resulting in them being able to literally get from one side of the map to the other within seconds. This is OBVIOUSLY unfair. I will try to find some videos showing the difference between 'Crouch Hop' and 'G-Strafe' Hmm I can't find anything good yet but @finesse . want to elaborate on this? You're able to do it so you understand more than myself. I'll try to find some videos, youtube has a few, double duck/silent walk/crouch hop, I think they're all the same. Conversation with finesse... THIS is what I do not want in the Main 1 Server, as for Crouch Hop/Silent Walk, anyone can do it, so it should stay. Plato: hey when you do that crazy high speed thing with your macro mouse, is that part of g-strafe? Plato: Like is that g-strafe, with hyperscroll mouse? finesse .: no hyperscroll, razer synapse macro setup finesse .: but u have to have high fps for it to work, like 400+ Plato: Right, but g-strafe is part of it ya? finesse .: its just a lot of ducking finesse .: wats that finesse .: lol finesse .: i forgot Plato: Ground Strafe Plato: But ya I have no idea im getting confused lol finesse .: all it is is spamming duck basically Plato: Okay ya pretty sure same thing. double duck/silent walk/crouch hop i guess g-strafe is a bit different Plato: i have no idea fack lol finesse .: but u cant use control, i had to bind it to control lock and have the macro effectively press caps lock really fast finesse .: because that key works differently than ctrl finesse .: i mean i bunnyhop on my own, when u see me do that finesse .: thats all manual. but the really fast movement is just ducking and high fps finesse .: wat is ur fps in cs Plato: uhmm i get 150-200 so i cant do the crazy double duck stuff finesse .: lol. its enough to bhop tho anyway From what I'm gathering right now, G-Strafe (Ground Strafe) is double duck. Crouch Hop (silent walk) is different, with mwheeldown +jump and ctrl (from what I'm reading), but anyone can do it. Seems fair to me? I found this too, might help understanding the G-Strafe more. 'back in the days it was manually or with cs scripts (not anymore since _special was removed), theses days most people use macros (with razer/logitech software and sometimes autohotkey) and cheats, you can try manually with ctrl+mwheelup but youll never be as fast as them. also the more fps you have the faster youll get. with ~600+ you can actually fly if you hit ramps while gstrafing, its possible without macros/cheat but as I said it'll be harder.' Hence why I kept mentioning High FPS, you can go REALLY fast.
  4. for your consideration

    Thanks for everyone's inputs. We will make the adjustments soon. So in terms of the rules, 'G-Strafe for Gaining Speed' is not allowed. Crouch Hop IS going to stay as it's part of the game and equal for anyone to learn, as Gotchu has well stated. I also really like Err0r's thoughts on the 'amounts of awps per winning/losing team' so true. If only jen would come read this now or I could find her on Steam. Nevermind found her. I've added 'Using G-Strafe to Gain Speed in the Main 1 Server to get across the map in seconds is not allowed.' to the rules. Crouch walk will remain.
  5. for your consideration

    Oh okay thanks for clearing that up Arash, I was still confused. Well, in terms of 'Russian Walking' Silent Walk, I think it's fair to keep, since anyone can do it with a Normal Mouse. @.jen ?
  6. for your consideration

    What I meant is, High FPS, as in 500 and up, you can do the G-Strafe and get around the map in literally seconds. Wait, you mean, Allow Russian Walk on the Main 1 Server? Okay sorry I was busy the last while. I just re-read everyone's posts. The general consesus is, Russian Walking to gain speed is not okay. As for the bit of silent walk, this is part of the game? I mean, I don't think I do it all that way, I can hear the difference in my footsteps when I do it, but why should that be banned? It's just mwheeldown bind crouch right? I'm not using a hyperscroll or anything, I'm not gaining speed, but I know it silences my footsteps a bit, but, I'm moving at the same speed? This should not be banned, as I'm not gaining any advantage, plus all other players are able to do it, with a normal mouse? As for the others, well okay, we will post that as a rule, 'No Russian Walking to Gain Speed' How about that? @.jen you said the nades are working now? As for the awp #'s per winning/losing team, I'm not against this if people think this will help. I feel like we haven't got enough feedback on this though. #3 you said forget about it, as for team balance and stacking, I think it's pretty fair to say people don't normally try to stack teams, and if people are getting switched back and fourth it could become really annoying. And #4, the russian walking, I think we add the rule of 'No Russian Walking to Gain Speed'. @Lasse @Wachi @Wrath @MaGNuM @CATEGORYRKO @Err0r @iSUCK cs1.6 hmmm and anyone else who wants to chime in on this subject. Wrath will need to make adjustments for x amount of awps per winning/losing team, if he can. Lasse, can we add that rule for Main 1 Server? And Wachi, what do you think about all these suggestions? Edit: She's looking to resolve 2 and 4, awp balance for winning/losing team, and the Russian Walking. I don't mind the Russian Walking, slight crouch hop, but when a player uses it to get across the map in seconds, that is highly unacceptable. @Arash ? You meant you wouldn't play any Server that Bans Russian Walking? But you don't want to see people Crouch Hopping with Speed across the map in seconds, right? Hence I say 'No Russian Walking to Gain Speed' for silence it's okay in my opinion.
  7. I'm back?

    I actually haven't played in like two weeks, I was swamped. I'm going to play this weekend sometime. Join us on Discord man!
  8. I'm back?

    Hey Hey Gotchu, welcome back! Probably catch you around the Servers sometime!
  9. Returned

    Hey Zero, you missed SO much! Not as much as we missed you though
  10. Strict admin requirements

    Tell us who allows hackers so the server doesn't get empty? As for the Admin Applications. We can't be TOO strict. This pushes people away. We are reverting back to Trial Admins. This results in the Admins to have a test period, and allowing us to work with the new Admins so they can learn. At the same time, we can only act on feedback, from Members such as yourself. So thanks for the comments and posts. Otherwise PM us or reply back here with regards you feel need to be strongly addressed. Hope this helps. Cheers.
  11. Game Bundles & Offers V2

    Shadow Warrior: Special Edition $49.99 USD Free on Humble Bundle!
  12. Staff Update #9

    Congratulations everyone! Good to see new and old members!
  13. Deathmatch Maps

    Thank me for that one

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