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  1. Staff Update #15

    Congratulations all!

    I have not heard of this before. I don't know the answer. Anyone else?
  3. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    I am saying that you are lying to yourself if you really believe what you were doing was to help.
  4. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    A little advice......your ability to deflect and "lie" to yourself is not going to help you in real life.
  5. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    So, if I understand this correctly......you came on to our servers without knowing anyone. And you used all of the hacks and after banned multiple times you kept coming back. You are really trying to say that you did all of this to help us? Why did you pick our server to do this?
  6. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    Before this thread is removed, please answer.....why in the world do you cheat?
  7. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    wicked_son_963 is a hacker. He has all of the hacks loaded, been banned many times.
  8. Introduction - Richard

    Welcome Richard!
  9. Advances of drawings.

    Really nice!
  10. Hello,im WHX|Mustoo

    Hi Mustoo, welcome, Welcome to the forum. Mustoo reported a hacker while playing. I invite him to come to the forums, be active and give admin a little time.
  11. This is It.

    Best of luck to you!
  12. Staff Update #13

  13. Friends, I'm back!

    Very nice drawings!
  14. Staff Update #10

  15. Staff Update #9

    Congratulations everyone!
  16. Staff Update #8

  17. Hey Everyone!

    I believe that in most cases, once that line is crossed to cheat, a person will do so again. I know there are some that will try it, realize it is completely wrong and not do it again, but it is sure hard to believe someone who crosses that line.
  18. Staff Update #2

    Congratulations and well deserved to AkameGema, Finesse and Inverified!!!
  19. Staff Update #2

    Thank you Lasse and Honeybunny!
  20. Staff Update #1

    Welcome and congratulations all!
  21. Godlike Application request

    you are not the oldest by quite a bit
  22. Look who got their account back

    Good to see you glad you are back.
  23. Too Cool for School

    Welcome Fate.
  24. Hello people!

    Hi Moncho, welcome, I see you in gg quite a bit.
  25. The Real Banana is here!

    Hi Beam, welcome back.