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  1. Hey, there is a lot of cheaters especially when no admin is here, when i play there is 7 hours difference between our countries and if every admin is from USA then when i play i cant tell them to ban someone. Like now.

    1. klaathax


      yep keep being active for a bit longer, i will recommend

    2. Kill_Em_All


      I will, thank you.

  2. Congratulations and well deserved to AkameGema, Finesse and Inverified!!!
  3. Thank you Lasse and Honeybunny!
  4. Welcome and congratulations all!
  5. you are not the oldest by quite a bit
  6. Good to see you glad you are back.
  7. Welcome Fate.
  8. Hi Moncho, welcome, I see you in gg quite a bit.
  9. Hi Beam, welcome back.
  10. Yes I do know that Muslim is a religion, I have 2 young men from Pakistan, both very devout Muslim's. We talk quite a bit about our religions. They have stayed at my house before and we remain good friends as we continue to work together on projects. As I said that is one of things I dislike most that Trump has said. The most important thing that a president does, is appoint judges. Everyone knows the judges that Clinton will appoint and that is not good for us or our children. Sometimes it is hard to keep political conversations civil, but we can here. There are so many different life circumstances that form a persons opinion, that doesn't make anyone a bad person for feeling the way they do about a politician, just coming from a different points of view.
  11. Some interesting facts on guns in the U.S. http://www.gunfacts.info/gun-control-myths/crime-and-guns/ There are a lot of things I do not like about Trump, especially the Muslim comments, but as far as buying the election, here is a little bit about who has spent what so far. http://www.politico.com/story/2016/03/donald-trump-fundraising-221030
  12. Hi Brendon, Take a look at what Trump says when he disagrees with anyone. He attacks anyone and everyone regardless or race, religion or sexual preference, IF they disagree with him. In the same way he will welcome anyone who agrees with him regardless of race, religion or sexual preference. The thing about Trump is that he is an equal opportunity "asshole". He certainly is not politically correct in his responses to anyone.
  13. You stay safe Wachi, I know a lot of turmoil there. Just to correct you a little, the democratic party is trying to push us closer and closer to an all out socialist government. The ideology of the republicans is to move farther from socialism. There has to be a balance, but anymore very little middle ground. Each party feels if they give a little, will never gain that ground back. I don't believe Trump is racist as he surrounds himself in his businesses with people of all faiths, ethnic backgrounds as well as people who have different sexual preferences. My main concern with him is that if a person doesn't produce or if a person doesn't agree with him, they are gone. There has to be that balance in a government, to be able to encourage people to do the best they can, while helping them get to that point. Socialism discourages people to be the best they can. For example in CounterStrike, a socialist way of doing things would be equalize skills. Say a person who is very good would have a hp of 15 to start with and a person who does not work at being good, but just plays would start with hp of 200. Instead of that, (using the CounterStrike skill example) encourage and help the people who do not work at getting better or lack the skills to get to the next level of skill. Socialism encourages people to be dependent on the government and does not encourage people to improve. There are a lot of things wrong with the U.S. but freedom and encouragement to succeed creates a lot of new things. If someone fails, they can pick themselves back up and try again. Bernie Sanders is a socialist. http://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2016/03/bernie-sanders-democratic-socialism/471630/ I do find the fact that he is very honest about how he feels a good trait about him. (As others have said.)
  14. No, I am talking about a percentage based on how they voted. http://archive.mrc.org/biasbasics/biasbasics3.asp and http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/viewSubCategory.asp?id=207 I believe one of the links I have is the same as yours, but dig into it. Reporter political leaning to the left, started in the 70's in universities as the U.S. imported many professors from Europe. http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/oct/27/99-top-liberal-arts-professor-campaign-donations-g/ There are a lot more links that explain how they come up with the 5 - 10 to 1 ratios in leanings. I remember when you couldn't tell which way a reported leaned, they just wanted the truth, rare anymore. I think Trump has so much support because people are tired of the politics as usual and being politically correct. He sure is a wild card on what he would do, I agree on that. btw, I should have put voted democrat instead of registered democrat.
  15. I agree with Plato in saying that U.S. politics are horrible. Both parties do and say what they need to get elected, whether they believe it or not. If a person wants to look more into which is telling the truth or what each really stand for, stay away from any of the major TV stations. A recent survey showed that over 90% of those controlling that news media are registered democrats. The days of unbiased reporting are way long gone. Reporters tilt the way they personally feel. If you do some research on the Clintons will see a long record of racism. You can't believe much of what any politician on either side say, I don't agree with everything that Trump says, but from what I have seen, what he says is not controlled by either party. BTW, I love to talk about politics and am always interested in others views.

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