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  1. It used to be huge resource consuming like 5 6 yrs ago for no good reason. Donno if they fixed it or not but I gave up on it long ago
  2. Staff Update #10

    If I could only be promoted to the rA god... --- congratz kids
  3. Fire fox sucks a huge D. At least it used to few years back
  4. 8 months into fatherhood

    Nice dude ! have a happy life
  5. for your consideration

    You don't gain speed with Russian walking (silent run). You MAY gain speed if you strafe while double ducking (which is not called russian walk anymore, it is called gstrafe). I don't think anyone has issue with banning those who gain speed and in fact it is nothing new, it has been like that before too. Jen's problem with Russian walk is its footstep sound is not as loud as normal run.
  6. I'm back?

    To me, u r still the bitch who banned me ! welcome back tho. I am disappearing slowly but I may see u in main server sometimes
  7. Staff Update #9

    congratz on promotions and returns !
  8. Q > Chicago

    New York is nice to visit. It's pretty shit to live in. Unless u make 500k+ a year
  9. Q > Chicago

    Yea.. I'll try to visit Vancouver later this year. Maybe Montreal too.. Chicago, I've only been to the Beans and downtown. I had Chicago pizza too. I don't like pizza anyway so nothing special imo
  10. Q > Chicago

    Sup bro! Why Chicago? Visit Boston !
  11. for your consideration

    maybe server manager @Plato and owner @Lasse decide how to proceed (vote vs owner decision). If it is going to be a vote, I have nothing against or for #2 and I am against 3 and 4. In fact, I don't think I am gonna ever play on a server where crouch walk aka Russian walk is not allowed.
  12. Live or die - Winners edition.

    Thanks god this shit is over !
  13. for your consideration

    As ris mentioned, although the russian walk is called silent walk, it is not rly silent. The sound is just different than normal run: dang-dang-dang-dang vs. dang~~~dang~~~dang And yes, you can call any of these advantages. Like throwing a flash above b wall and then entering b door. It rly is an advantage if you think about it and it is changing mechanics of game that was not designed to do so. And this could be as annoying to someone as russian walk is annoying to you. But deciding what is allowed and what is not is so random and it depends on who is active in the community at the time of making decision and can change millions of times as time passes.. That is why I believe as long as no one is using a specific software or hardware to gain advantage (script, hyper scroll mouse etc.), then we should accept the game has certain bugs (if you want to call it so) and they are themselves have been a part of this game since 90s
  14. for your consideration

    In terms of implementation, I thought you are talking about some kind of plugins. If you are talking about crouching, then I am 100% against this. If I can avoid your bullet on my torso by moving my mouse and pressing a couple of buttons, then I will definitely do and should be allowed to do. It will be your job to predict my movement and aim differently to hit the torso, not the foot. To be honest, I have never heard such a logic in years of playing cs I again refer you to my first post. By your logic, spamming walls, boosting players on boxes, bhopping etc. should be banned too. The example I can think of is fast cat boost for CTs, probably when game was developed, a CT was not meant to reach short A/Cat walk that quick. Are we supposed to ban this too? Another example, shooting doors before entering to make sure no one is camping behind. This also probably wasn't developers' intention. Another example, throwing flash above the walls, that sounds a bug/unintentional movement too And the list goes on and on

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