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  1. I leave you this wonder lol



  2. <3

    Oh wow, what did I miss here?! You were a great owner @Lasse and you should be proud of what and how you did in rA. Wish @Honeybunny and @klaathax good luck.
  3. First Person View

    Some ppl definitely ghost and if you find them, warn and ban. But tbh, it gets really boring when you can't see all the players and you don't know what's happening and when the round is going to end when you are dead. I feel ppl will leave the server when they get bored. If it was competitive and score mattered like pug, then you were right. The most important thing for a public server is they have to be fun to play in, being fair for competition is not as important as being fun for a pub imo
  4. Staff Update #13

    Veteran from the dust2 war here ! Well deserved demotion
  5. Should be able to join, as of now !
  6. Staff Update #12

    congratz gents and lady
  7. Confess something that embarrasses you.

    When I was young, I used to hold my pee sometimes and then use a stopwatch to see if I can break my record of peeing time lol
  8. Lasse Wasse

  9. HBD San

    Happy Birthday
  10. Hi! New member

    Hi @SeLeCo . I know you are not Motasem. You are very smart and fluent in English. Motasem is very dumb and his English sucks.
  11. Bye guys

    See you in another life
  12. Staff Update #11

    Congratz all esp. my bitch @Wachi who has shown tremendous commitment to this community
  13. It used to be huge resource consuming like 5 6 yrs ago for no good reason. Donno if they fixed it or not but I gave up on it long ago
  14. Staff Update #10

    If I could only be promoted to the rA god... --- congratz kids