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  1. Lasse Wasse

  2. HBD San

    Happy Birthday
  3. Hi! New member

    Hi @SeLeCo . I know you are not Motasem. You are very smart and fluent in English. Motasem is very dumb and his English sucks.
  4. Bye guys

    See you in another life
  5. Staff Update #11

    Congratz all esp. my bitch @Wachi who has shown tremendous commitment to this community
  6. It used to be huge resource consuming like 5 6 yrs ago for no good reason. Donno if they fixed it or not but I gave up on it long ago
  7. Staff Update #10

    If I could only be promoted to the rA god... --- congratz kids
  8. Fire fox sucks a huge D. At least it used to few years back
  9. 8 months into fatherhood

    Nice dude ! have a happy life
  10. for your consideration

    You don't gain speed with Russian walking (silent run). You MAY gain speed if you strafe while double ducking (which is not called russian walk anymore, it is called gstrafe). I don't think anyone has issue with banning those who gain speed and in fact it is nothing new, it has been like that before too. Jen's problem with Russian walk is its footstep sound is not as loud as normal run.
  11. I'm back?

    To me, u r still the bitch who banned me ! welcome back tho. I am disappearing slowly but I may see u in main server sometimes
  12. Staff Update #9

    congratz on promotions and returns !
  13. Q > Chicago

    New York is nice to visit. It's pretty shit to live in. Unless u make 500k+ a year

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