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  1. Thank's for ur interest but we are not accepting applications at the moment. I keep this open and will notify you once applications are open again. Please do NOT open a new thread/application.
  2. Sms boost does not work in the US. You have to go to the website and do paypal boost. 1h boost is around 1.32$ depending the exchange rate It will ask for the ip of serever you want to boost
  3. Thanks for the suggestion (although it was a very weird place to post). We already have a donator "group" with special perks. There is no point to call that group a "clan" since a clan has a different meaning and purpose.
  4. You have been told not to post a new thread and wait: But you decided to open two new threads: The question is: "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ENGLISH?"
  5. Welcome @iSUCK cs1.6
  6. Wow ! I am locking this. DO NOT post a new thread until we open the new applications
  7. Joining preocess is changing. Locking this
  8. Please wait till we finalize the new process and requirement to join the clan.
  9. Welcome to the community
  10. Accepted, Tag Up ! @Wrath
  11. This is not an admin app dude !
  12. Accepted, welcome back. Please add him @Wrath
  13. You have to re-apply cause you have to inform us if you are going inactive. No one can disappear suddenly without a notice and expect to remain a member
  14. Not positive enough votes. Rejected

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