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  1. Funny Pictures

    @Glo lol who cares? plain "videos" didnt seem to fit when i thought about it. go create a "funny videos" section for me plox and thx? you can pm me when you have so i don't make this mistake in the future
  2. Funny Pictures

    Lol is nickelback so bad? [YOUTUBE]T238i-RiKps[/YOUTUBE]
  3. Dude this is right where i live. I drive on this freeway all the time. people are afraid to drive on the main roads because of this. So far no deaths, but many of the shootings were mere inches away from potential homicides. Some little girls face got cut up from a bullet shattering a window. Does anyone live in or near DC and remember what was going on with the DC sniper? Wth is going on here the world is nuts
  4. HI

    hello class. my name is sam and i like turtles welcome lone ranger!! :cheerful:
  5. Funny Pictures

    senior prom lol
  6. Sup.

    im a little late to the welcoming party, but glad you came here! :soap:
  7. hiiii

    glad you found your way here! welcome :apple:
  8. Hi im Heli

    what up heli welcome to the forums :triumphant:
  9. Hi im RRavenz

    hi raven! glad u made it here!
  10. Videos !

    my friend showed me a trailer like this one a couple weeks ago, and it looks freakin awesome. i was just upset when i found out how long we have to wait for the release... i mean come on... spring 2016? feels like forever from now :miserable:
  11. I am Daax

    hey daax. now when ur rank pro rank i'll be able to say i remember him when he was skilled :RpS_flapper: welcome bud
  12. Funny Pictures

    LOL [YOUTUBE]watch?v=8F9jXYOH2c0[/YOUTUBE]
  13. Hello Renegade

    glad you found your way here [MENTION=9569]Dizzie[/MENTION]. cya around bud

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