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  1. 8 months into fatherhood

    Hey 6! Wow it's been 8 months? Long time. Your son is adorable! How's life as a father?
  2. Aardvark Anteater Monkey Sloth Snake Wachi Chicken Pig Komodo dragon Cheetah
  3. Dog Cat Monkey Sloth Snake Koala Chicken Pig Tiger Cheetah Thanks for the giveaway!
  4. Music topic.

    Leave out all the rest was one of their best, imo.
  5. Returned

    Welcome back!
  6. I'm back?

    Welcome back! I don't recall someone in the council with the name "General" though. Nice to see a new player!
  7. Strict admin requirements

    There already is a 3 report target that you have to reach in order to be eligible for the application. Not only that, your activity and chat logs are checked thoroughly before consideration. That's pretty strict imo.
  8. Strict admin requirements

    you must have at least 5 bans and previous admin experience (cevo doesn't count) You only have 4. What a shame.
  9. Staff Update #9

    Congratulations and good luck everyone!
  10. Deathmatch Maps

    The mapcycle is messed up, I honestly don't know what's wrong with it but the server changes to maps that aren't in the cycle. Right now, the mapcycle.txt file contains: de_dust2 de_inferno de_nuke32 de_dust de_aztec but for some reason maps like crackhouse and rio keep coming into rotation. I have no idea why.
  11. hi

    Welcome back miku! We didn't really interact much but it's nice to see an old face. Hope you have a great time here.
  12. Suggestion.

    That is called the semi-clip plug in and the suggestion has been denied before because players enjoyed boosting others and such.
  13. Best edition of CALL OF DUTY and why?

    Modern Warfare will always be the best for me. When I first played it, the only thing I could think of was "oh my god, this is the pinnacle of gaming! The gameplay is amazing, I love the storyline! This is the best graphics are ever going to be!" That's what I remember and enjoyed the most haha
  14. Enter the AI

    Welcome to the forums AI! Hope you have a great time here!
  15. Staff Update #8

    Congratulations everyone!

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