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  1. Welcome to the forums, hope you have a great time here.
  2. There's a rumor going on that there will be a "special" 4th episode in the latest season. It's based on what Sherlock said in one of the episodes, "Everyone always thinks that the 3rd one is the last one. I don't know why." Something along those lines. Sounds far-fetched, doesn't hurt to anticipate.
  3. Has anyone watched this show? It ended some time ago. One of the most underrated shows out there. Highly recommend you do.
  4. I've actually never thought about flower shops from that perspective. That's great. Welcome to the forums Scape, hope you have a great time here!
  5. Welcome to the forums, you'll take some time to get used to it. It's nice to interact with people outside of the game.
  6. Welcome back sleepie.
  7. Welcome back.
  8. Welcome back.
  9. Hai Bae!

  10. Happy Birthday ! 

  11. Rob was an amazing person throughout the time I knew him. Really friendly, respectful and down to Earth. Still can't get those words through my head. May he rest in peace. Thanks for letting us know, Plato.
  12. ay beam
  13. Sad

    I come there at 4 in the morning hoping to run into some oldies but I don't see anyone there.
  14. lmao this thread's still up don't chu wonder why?

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