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  1. Do you even read before you post? There's a whole different topic for that.
  2. You can't.
  3. Instead of respawns, I'd reckon adding the ability to shoot the button to escape the jail would be a better idea. Noticed that people leave when the other teammate cba to free them.
  4. I'm assuming you quoted an older post.
  5. +2 Liquid 1. Ali (16) 2. BeaM (16) 3. CATEGORYRKO (20) 4. Corsi (20) 5. Enlil (20) 6. Toxyn (20) 7. Liquidbullets (16)
  6. 50-50. Bumping.
  7. Don't bump 3 month old topics.
  8. Welcome to the forums Yassine! Hope you have a great time here.
  9. I never played TF but I play TF2 religiously now. I've been hoping to participate in ETF2L / UGC as soon as I'm free. What class do you main? As far as old games go, the most I've enjoyed playing with my friends was Unreal Tournament and Quake. I enjoy playing retro games, my brother owned a sega, I still have one of the cartridges saved up hoping to get another chance on playing them.
  10. The person above me sucks at quoting posts
  11. A player suggested turning the DM into a Headshot only DM server as regular DM against bots doesn't really help with warming up or practice. What's your opinion? Any other suggestions regarding the topic?
  12. Holy balls I'm dumber than a willy wonka character, I didn't realize it was your birthday even though I read "Birthday stream" thrice.

    Belated Happy Birthday!

  13. bye greek you were a cool dude who liked burritos a lot
  14. The person above me loves cheering with the number 1.
  15. -pooh


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