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  1. Welcome back Liquidbullets. I have retired as admin and havn't played the game in about 2 months. I either get bored after playing for 1 hour or don't have time. Respect
  2. Please be patient and wait for other admins to get online and vote. I will hold my vote as i have not been active at all in the last couple months.
  3. Welcome to the RA community. Enjoy it and hope to see you in game.
  4. SAD. R.I.P Aunt

  5. I look forward to being able to help people in the Live Chat with any questions that be asked. I think it will be a great feature and help to serve our members and guest faster. Good job and glad we had fun the the Battle of the Communities. Looks like a fun event, unfortunately i don't play CS:GO so i wouldn't play in it. See you all around and feel free to ask for any help from me. @Lasse i will be gone the 16-21st of November and wont' have access to forums or computer of any sort. (P.S. I WILL BE IN VEGAS FOR A BACHELOR PARTY!!)
  6. whats up Holiday. i agree with Plato boo mac and boo xbox one
  7. Congrats to you and your new Family. Being a dad is the best thing ever. Respect to you and stay happy.
  8. I can be an operator as i basically have the website up all day at work and now with my slow season coming it will be easier to respond Love the theme and thanks Jax for the great work.
  9. Nice write up and glad you took the time to make this. Hope Wrath looks at it and atleast gives his opinion on it. Welcome to the community and see you in game.
  10. Welcome back. See you around in game.
  11. @Honeybunny please lock this. Issue fixed
  12. Thanks for your application. Please be patient while members from the Zombie clan post. Good Luck.
  13. Welcome back Koga and congrats on the family. I love being a dad.
  14. we all lose

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