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  1. <p><p><p><p>HAPPYBIRTHDAY</p></p></p></p>

  2. RA Clan Promotions

    Congratulations people :smug:
  3. I'm Ron Burgandy?

    welcome buddy, hope you fullfill that objective in life, go get that whale!
  4. Happy New Year.

    Happy new year people
  5. Spanish!

    omfg eres tan negro, no edites mi perfectamente disenado comentario senior >:V, a esto le falta la opcion de darle like a tu propio comentario
  6. I would like to suggest a new server!

    Basicly when that happened, people were just asking for a different map, then when we got in the new map, some other people wanted the one we were playing earlier and the people who vote for the actual map realized the map they vote was not so good , eventually everyone was leaving for frustration.
  7. Spanish!

    tienes un 15% de maricon en total? o eso es en base a 100% lel. En base al 100% -Eterse
  8. hi > // <

    hehehe yes probably in the future i will be able to help in something, thanks for the welcoming
  9. good notice

    congratulations with your steam acc man, lets play sometime in the pug server
  10. Spanish!

    los dos son marico
  11. hi > // <

    Thanks glo : ) eww eterse thanks, wait you're senior?... wut.
  12. hi > // <

    Hehe, this is a nice welcoming! i'm really glad that people knows i make maps, i've been also inactive in mapping for some time hahaha, probably in the future i will upload a new one, thanks everyone.
  13. hi > // <

    How's everything guys, i was missing this comunity after a good while being inactive, mostly of the time i was going around some pub servers, but the truth is that i lost the desire of playing cs for a good time because of the lack of comunication in these servers, i haven't been playing recently and i still think that i wont be as active as i was before, but i will join, ocasionally i was going to main 1 to play a couple of rounds and dont loose abilities, i still have that crappy pc (wich is one of the reasons that i didnt have desires to play in cs/games), anyway, its good to be back :calm: Since it has been i dont know, 1 year?, i think i should introduce myself again to the new members of the comunity. My in-game name is earzs, i usually change it so if you see a butt/food/somedumbartist name related it will probably be me c; I was admin in main 2 and gungame servers for a good time and also a member of Ra clan, i'm still in zombie comunity (thank god), i watch a few anime series (nanatsu no taizai, parasyte, word trigger, etc) so if you wanna talk about it i'm available c:, and i have some experience in cs mapping. Right now im studying programing, one of my objectives in life is to learn programing so i can create programs, games, amx codes and apps, right now i'm just learning the basics, i really like this carrer so i'm doing my best to move fowards. I'm 19, dont practice a certain sport but i practice running in order to atleast have a good condition. my knowledge in english is like 70%, i can read eng comments with no problems but i have troubles to express myself, so if i mispell something wrong please tell me (in inbox), so next time i wont make the same mistake over and over. I've been playing cs 1.6 since 10, and i will keep playing in the future. Well thats it, see you in the servers.
  14. browser game

    http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/632528 - Blade Hunter

    Liquid you should go to a starring contest, you would win every damn time, just saying, pretty cool picture