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  1. Would like to know where everyone stands with leaving the maps entirely default, or throwing in a couple of custom maps? Custom maps would include things like fy_snow, cs_deagle5, scoutzknives, aim_map etc; If we do end up adding custom maps I would like to keep them to a somewhat minimum so they do not overrun the server entirely, and we could do a seperate vote for adding a single map of each criteria like fy, cs, aim, awp.
  2. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    @Lasse Usually streams during the events. https://www.twitch.tv/ralasse
  3. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    I'm in.
  4. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    I'm in. Think we could enable a free for all mode so team kills count as well?
  5. Suggestions.

    Pretty sure he knows that...

    Trying to change your in game name and age is pointless with the same key id and other information... possibly the most hilarious attempt I have seen.
  7. New servers?

    UWC3 is a lost cause in my eyes. I do not however see WC3 having any more success. BF2 could be worth trying but is honestly not something I'm interested in, as far as mods go the only one I have interest in is Pokemod and I don't want to venture into that shit storm again.
  8. Nerf Evade in world of warcraft

    Evade seems to be working as intended and is powerful for several reasons. Mainly evade is meant to be very powerful because of massive damage spikes from trueshot aura and crit strike becoming monstrously strong at higher levels, the best way to counter evade is with abilities such as carrion beetles and shadow strike. Something to remember is that the way this mod works isn't so everything is viable, certain abilities work well against others and certain skills are best used on specific maps. I personally see no issues with evade as it is, but more opinions would be nice.. and @Wrath would need to look into changing values or limitations, this is a very different mod in terms of accessibility.
  9. How well do we know each other?

    The person above me still sucks at 1.6
  10. How well do we know each other?

    The person above me sucks at cs
  11. How well do we know each other?

    Likes to play rats on main 1
  12. Staff Update #1

    Liquid has been demoted to God
  13. Live or die - Head Admin edition.

    -2 Wachi Arash (13) Klaathax (18) Plato (18) Wachi (17)
  14. Live or die - Head Admin edition.

    Drag my nuts across Wachi's face -2 1. Arash (20) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (18)
  15. Need To Add Preparation Time

    Thanks for the suggestions, as far as the pre round freeze time goes I like having it set to a low amount of time or even none so that moles actually have a chance to kill people. I found you mostly do better as a mole when you wait for some of the stronger players to run off before you start killing people and are surrounded by the team. As for price of moles, not something I see ever changing, there's equipment reincarnation readily available to all low level players, and a mole isn't something I would recommend using until you can throw away the money without worry anyways. I suggest setting up an autobuy.cfg that fits your needs in your cstrike folder. Mine is currently set to buy grenades, armor/helm, defuser, and all ammo, so I simply buy the gun/pistol combo I want and hit autobuy takes me probably no longer than 1 second and anyone with run speed skills will already have an advantage to begin with. This isn't a super competitive server, it's a modded place to have fun. You can even set up a shopmenu hotkey, but I will probably make a guide for that itself.

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