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  1. -2 Wachi Arash (13) Klaathax (18) Plato (18) Wachi (17)
  2. Drag my nuts across Wachi's face -2 1. Arash (20) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (18)
  3. Thanks for the suggestions, as far as the pre round freeze time goes I like having it set to a low amount of time or even none so that moles actually have a chance to kill people. I found you mostly do better as a mole when you wait for some of the stronger players to run off before you start killing people and are surrounded by the team. As for price of moles, not something I see ever changing, there's equipment reincarnation readily available to all low level players, and a mole isn't something I would recommend using until you can throw away the money without worry anyways. I suggest setting up an autobuy.cfg that fits your needs in your cstrike folder. Mine is currently set to buy grenades, armor/helm, defuser, and all ammo, so I simply buy the gun/pistol combo I want and hit autobuy takes me probably no longer than 1 second and anyone with run speed skills will already have an advantage to begin with. This isn't a super competitive server, it's a modded place to have fun. You can even set up a shopmenu hotkey, but I will probably make a guide for that itself.
  4. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto
  5. @Godlike Skins are entirely un-related, it's something with the sql databse and it is being worked on. For the time being we all have to select our skills each map, it's a pain but certain maps are better played with different skills anyways, so for now we just have to deal with it. As for people not being able to connect, a screenshot of the error would help us greatly in providing a fix. We are basically trying to take random shots in the dark if we don't know what is actually happening. @ICe BoYS | Ali -=MaSsaCre=
  6. Just no.
  7. Right, you just spammed the shout box with it instead.
  8. You don't seem to understand when you are told you wait, keep this up and you will have a difficult time ever being accepted.
  9. You learn to enjoy the old games again when you play the new ones and realize they are all shit and were made with 0 effort or concern regarding the players, it's just a cash grab these days
  10. Can't really use cheaters as a justified reason to disable a gun, cheaters are cheaters with any gun. Not trying to be rude, but we aren't going to disable a gun because you can't kill the people using it.
  11. I don't see a problem with auto snipers, It's part of the game and deathmatch is largely used as a place to practice with certain guns. I also wreck kids who use autos As far as aim/fy maps suggested up above, they are simply too small to support the amount of players and we get things like spawn choke points that create an unpleasant experience.
  12. Ninjas are freakin kawasaki... Albino
  13. YOOO! your profile song makes me wet :x:$

    1. Liquidbullets


      You know it :) but everything makes you wet...

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