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  1. there are different ways the blue writing on the screen shows the servers and they can type /servers which i believe the server tells you in the blue writing possibly
  2. New Truth Game

    Nope, unfortunately..... What do you think about me, everything, and the honest truth no matter how harsh?
  3. Main 2

    Thanks hatch
  4. Main 2

    So, from time to time there is always a guy, when I am at a as T, he will be ct spawn buying nades again, again, again, and again throwing them up there than run up and kill me or others. I think that is very retarted and frusterating. Also, I will watch the T plant A or B and ct will run through spawn buying nades flashes smokes when its way past time which is also pretty wack. Was thinking it was a good idea to decrease the buy time?
  5. Latest movie that you watched

    Okay so, I just rented Pitch Perfect. I have to say it was a extroadinary awesome movie, hilarious too. Call a chick flick if you wish but it's comedy, romance, dreams, relationships, and real life problems. It's a 2 hour movie almost 8 minutes short of it but it does not feel like it one bit, I didn't even notice that's how good it's. I rate it a 10 and suggest you watch it. Trust you'll most likely like it, escpecially if you like to laugh.

    Lol i am a expert at dota lol Been playing for so long and know it so well. Ah, It turned out i never really enjoyed extacy but weed I did but I dont do either now thankfully. Yes lol, Dr.pepper thats what it is all about lol.

    lol. you play dota dann? Whose molly?
  8. App to join RA

    Umm I will go with lasse and abide by the rules. But thanks guys I appreciate it.

    Too dann Lol people say alot of things some say I look like the white guy from american X. Chosen, I use to smoke weed and I have done 3 extacy pills and thats it. I want to be sooo hot like death lol.
  10. TPAM & TPBM

    TPAM= sadly no not no more wish I was. TBPM=How do you like your ice cream and which is your fav
  11. Acronym Game

    you have to put a theme chosen. So, I can answer it.
  12. This or That

    I don't know what the old one was but the new one I guess. It seems fine, you guys must of changed it for a reason. Everything you ever wanted and will? or All the knowledge and wisdom there is for humans to know? Think about this one .

    Dr.Pepper thats whats going on! lol Yup, I am singing," I get a good feeling yeah!" lol So, I saw you dann, mojo, and etc thought yall should see me and it seemed fun. So, Here is me.
  14. Error

    Fixed system restore worked. Thanks again semen. -- February 1st, 2013, 10:28 pm -- Fixed system restore worked. Thanks again semen.
  15. Error

    Fixed system restore worked. Thanks again semen. -- February 1st, 2013, 10:28 pm -- Fixed system restore worked. Thanks again semen.