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    oh you turned asian

    Fill out this form: okay Name: Cokr Steam ID or URL: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198011235397/ Game: Game under 15$ of my choice
  3. Funny Pictures

    wtf i kill people that call me chinese and mexican
  4. computer build v2

    my evo isnt loud take a picture of the inside and post
  5. honestly i came to ra forums to get admin trolololol too many hackers in rats server and I am MVP of RA. hueuheuheuhe
  6. #IceBucketChallenge, for or against?

    I dont really agree with it because the ice water is suppose to stimulate the pain that people with lou gehrigs disease feel but most people on the internet are having fun with it. However the nominations do help because many people donate. so its 50 50 really.
  7. computer build v2

    toothy u dumbass. theres like 3 lines you can plug into on one cord.
  8. sig requests

    thanks bae!!
  9. sig requests

    ME make mine sexy pls
  10. We have some new Senior Admins!

    waterproof cameras
  11. We have some new Senior Admins!

    wow congrats guys even though i dont post anymore i secretly spy on all of you in the shower okay bye
  12. Surf and zombies

    Also if you do get ghost in surf for team mates how are you ever suppose to get out of jail without boosting/having someone go on top of jailopener
  13. Surf and zombies

    Also if you do get ghost in surf for team mates how are you ever suppose to get out of jail without boosting/having someone go on top of jailopener
  14. Basic Terms: Counter Terrorist (Guard): Must have a Mic. Give commands throughout the day to get to the last T. Terrorist (Prisoner): Do what the Guards say to get your last request or rebel! Rebel: Disobey a CT. CT may kill you. Freekill: When a CT kills a T for no reason. Receive a freeday if this happens. Freeday: A day where a terrorist may do anything other than going to restricted areas or rebelling. Doing this may result in a CT killing the T. Last Request: A privilege that the last terrorist earns. Used to challenge the CTs and try to kill them. Use this by typing /lr. Terrorist Rules: 1. NO LOOPHOLING. Ex. When a CT asks to open the cells to a CT but does not address the CT "Open the cells, I'm stuck," a T runs and opens it. 2. No ghosting allowed. Alive or dead. 3. Team Killing is forbidden. No matter what day it is. 4. Don't harass CTs about freedays. 5. Reconnecting after 0:00 is not allowed. Counter-Terrorist Rules: 1. A Mic is ESSENTIAL to be a CT. Commands may only be given through a mic. (In the case of some days.) 2. Freekilling results in freedays. If you freekill a T, give him/her a freeday. Excessive freekilling or Massfreekilling results in a Ban. 3. NO LOOPHOLING. Ex. The bench of the table is part of the table and you may not kill a T if he/she is on it when a CT says "get on the table". 4. No Mic spamming. (constantly talking in mic over the caller, playing music on days which it is not required, or fighting/talking so the day cannot be resumed) Results in getting sent back to T and /or kick/ban. 5. CTs may kill Ts in restricted areas. (Gunroom) 6. Breaking vents is not allowed for CTs, although Terrorists may break them. When it is LR, Hide and Seek, or a CT sees a T inside, a CT may break it. 7. Favoritism is NOT allowed! Days such as Why are you in Prison? Day must have Guard voting for if the T should be killed or not. 8. Ratio Freedays occur when the 2:1 prisoner to guard ratio is broken. First CT to die will have to go back to T. 9. If cells are not opened by 8:00, it will be an unrestricted freeday. 10. No nades should be thrown at Ts unless it is at a rebelling T or on hide and seek. 11. Delaying the day, not being where CTs are suppose to be is not allowed. Resulting in a transfer to T. 12. Freeshooting is not allowed, also known as warning shots. Ex. Prisoner breaks a rule/command and CT shoots him/her but does not kill the T. (Kill the T or give him/her a chance.) 13. Gunroom is restricted and CTs may not camp in this area. 14. CTs may only call a certain day 5 times in a row. 15. If a T points a gun at a CT even if the gun is empty, the T may be killed for rebelling. 16. Opening day commands must be simple. These can only instruct Ts to go to some place and stay at that place. 17. Countdowns must be present with every command other than opening day, starting day, freeze and following commands. 18. Zones where Terrorists are playing games is restricted for CTs and can be killed by the Ts with no consequence. Ex. Inside the Cage, Pool, or Cell. 19. A CT coming into the knifing range of a T is considered taunting. (knifing range from Zones is considered taunting too.) The T may slash or stab the CT with no consequence. If a T moves to try and stab you, it is rebelling. 20. Stabbing or slashing or attempting to stab or slash is considered a rebel and the CT may kill the T. 21. The Last Terrorist receives LR and may not be killed for the past commands unless he was severely rebelling such as killing CTs, or going to a restricted area. 22. NO WALLING. Only on days such as Hide and Seek, CTs are able to wall. 23. No impossible commands. Ex. While looking down, spray the ceiling. 24. If the caller dies, a new Ct will have to continue the day or end it before moving on to a new day. 25. Days/games must be started and ended before moving on to a new day/game. Ex. Today will be a Trivia day. Trivia is now over. 26. Terrorists may be killed if the day is not over and the T follows a new command or plays a new game. 27. Collateral killing is a freekill. Glow the T the next day. 28. Gunplanting is not allowed. If you never saw him pick it up, you can not tell the T to drop it. 29. Don't be a douche. Killing Ts for an accident/negligible break in rules is being trigger happy and will be penalized by admins. 30. If more than 3 people are freekilled, the next day will be an unrestricted freeday. Less than 2 will just result in individual freedays. More than one freeday may be given on one day. 31. Unrestricted Knife Fight days are NOT allowed. Killing Ts on this day results in a Freekill unless the T stabs at you first. 32. A Terrorist cannot be killed for a previous command. The new command has superiority to the old. 33. When the timer reaches 0:00 with more than one terrorist remaining, the day will automatically be changed to a freeday. 34. When a T gets LR, all day commands are negated and no previous commands are in effect. 35. CTs may give only 10 seconds to let a T /lr ( this must be said out loud) in order to progress the round. 36. There can only be one caller. Other people talking will be deemed mic spamming unless they see a terrorist pick up a gun and say drop it. 37. If you didn't SEE it, it didn't HAPPEN. Terrorists on freedays : 1. Gunplanting will result in a rebel. 2. Killing a CT results in a rebel. 3. CTs may tell you to drop a gun but they may NOT guncheck you. 4. Your freeday ends when there is only one other T without a freeday alive. Game Suggestions: Simon Says, Trivia, First Reaction Last Reaction, True or False, Soccer, Deathrun, Spray Contest, Hot potato, 4 Corners. Day Suggestions: Restricted Freeday, Hide and Seek, Trampoline Day, Pool day, Cafeteria day, Musical Crouch day, Controlled Knife Fight day. Simon Says : 1.Start with Simon says I am Simon. 2. A command should be said with Simon says. If a CT does not say Simon says and a T follows that command, the T can be killed. 3. End with Simon says Simon says is now over. Trivia : 1.Start with Today will be a Trivia day. 2.Suggested rules: Inside cage, All Ts must freeze except the person who got it right, The person who got it right may slash or stab one T to die. 3.CTs must TYPE out a question. Do not ask the question with a mic. 4. End with Trivia day is now over. First Reaction Last Reaction : 1. Start with Today we 're gonna play First Reaction Last Reaction. 2. Last person to do what is commanded on Last Reaction will die. *Only one person will die.* 3. First person to do what is commanded on First Reaction will die. *Only one person will die.* 4. NO UNFAIR CALLS. Ex. Last reaction go to that corner. (When a T is obviously closer to it than the others.) 5. End with First Reaction Last Reaction is now over. Restricted Freeday : 1. Two areas may be restricted. If a T goes to this area the T may be shot and killed. 2. Collateral damage is allowed on this day with limitations. (You can't aim to get 2 people because one guy has a gun.) This rule must be called in opening day commands. 3.Body parts inside the restricted area may be shot.This rule must be called in opening day commands. 4.Cannot end this day except with the exception of the 0:00 rule or LR. Hide and Seek: 1. Ts will be hiding and CTs will seek. Ts will be shot and killed if they are seen on this day. 2. Seen from the Ct spawn the Terrorist are able to be killed before the CTs can start seeking.(Only if this is stated with the opening day commands) 3. Walling is allowed! Only on this day though. 4. Day ends with last T remaining or 0:00 rule. Most importantly, make your own day or game and post on forums and get it acknowledged by the community! Created by Cokr for RA Feedback and Suggestions must appreciated. ALSOOOOO MAP SUGGESTIONS LESGO some1s_jailbreak <-- OG vman jailbreak map Last request Admindays???<------- Plugins<--- /class a plugin which allows the ct to choose a gun, primary and secondary. /lr a plugin for last terrorists. fun duels and game like gun toss, shot for shot, spray contest, rambo and others admin days. zombie days night crawler days deathmatch others. other suggestions?

    hey welcome to the community bro!

    i got sent to xhamster.com the other day
  17. Free dota 2 copies (14)

    i wantz
  18. SuperMan!!! App

    Sorry but you're disrespectful... I remember you swearing at me when I would'nt boost you in knife server. -1 from me. but good luck on your app either way Total:+2
  19. Cokr

    - What is your in-game name? Cokr - How old are you? 17 - Where do you live? State(Country, (Province, Territory) City) New York - How Can We Contact you?(optional ex: yahoo,msn) Steam ID - (if you have one) Cokr - steam ID - Experience in Counter-Strike ( Leagues,etc. ) 6 yrs? on and off - Do you have experience in scrims ? a bit - Do you have a microphone & headset? yes - How much time per week do you spend on Counter-Strike 1.6 ? 20-30 hrs - Are you still active in another community/clan ? (if yes what community/clan are you still in? and how do you plan on to stay active on this clan? ) Nope only this one <33