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  1. How's everyone beeeen?

    Welcome back!!!
  2. Ok, I was talking to some players and it seems that boomer_vomit gives 16000 whenever you vomit on a survivor giving them a huge advantage while playing. Yea this is something that anyone else can do yet it seems unfair.
  3. Spanish!

    No creo que deban de publicitar este tipo de cosas aquí... recuerden que en este sitio no solo hay mayores de 18 años. Tener en consideración esto más adelante, del mismo modo, por favor editar tu post Eterese
  4. Lets try to keep this "G" rated!

    is this the MM I know? or someone else?
  5. Robin Williams

    One of the last movies I saw was when he was an angry man and just had, as the doctor said, 90min or so for living, it was a great movie and at the end you could see that hapiness can be achieved by anyone but most of us prefer the anger and rage to use as a shield... it is really sad that he commited suicide and I only wish he can rest in peace wherever he is right now, he did a lot for us in the movies, I cant remember one single movie that he made me cry... RIP Robin Williams, you made me love live as anyone else ever did.
  6. Spanish!

    Al parecer muchos de aqui hablan español o son de algun pais con ese idioma
  7. Greetings from the Pikramus

    Welcome aboard, I think I have seen you on d2awp
  8. hi this is BOBO

    Welcome to the community!! Hope you enjoy it
  9. We have some new Senior Admins!

  10. Happy Bday

    Happy Bday to me Mirage, happy bday to the poor bastard
  11. Sleep & Health

    Well I feel tired even after sleeping 4-5 hours... So I think it is more related to how you feel and what you do to feel good. If you do excersices its a +1 to your health. Sometimes I used to sleep 2-3 hours because I was studying for an examn and I used to feel better than now... That is not good...
  12. Happy Birthday Hatch!

    OMFG!! I was late for 1 day!! Happy bday honey!! Hope you passed a great time!! Best wish my lover!! Xoxo
  13. Embarassment..

    LOL, poor dan, I know that feel bro
  14. New Truth Game

    No... Only all my friends Have you ever felt so bad that you thought you were going to die??
  15. New Truth Game

    Yes, I already have food, gas and a shelter and a scape route if everything gets fkup. All I'm missing are guns and melee weapons. What super power would you like to have? And why??