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  1. goodbye for now.

    You're a good kid, just got priorities outta whack. Come see us again when you got it straightened out.
  2. New servers?

    Yea, super soldier mod. It's where we met. Yea, not classic mod but just the orig. maps. nuke, prodigy, italy, dust, dust2 and the like.
  3. New servers?

    This is my favorite game mod. However, i dont like it on Rats server. Prefer it on the classic servers.
  4. Request > Deathmatch server changes

    I agree with all these suggestions. Need to have more bots and less crappy maps. Ammo thing is 'meh' to me but i can get down with that too.
  5. Latest movie that you watched

    I was overly disappointed by the new alien movie. /: Watched emoji movie and despicable me 3 with my kids. both were okay at best. Spiderman homecoming was also ok but not great War for the planet of the apes was great...as was Wonderwoman.
  6. map that needs removed cause its bugged

    i would also say that the map time limit needs increased. i can kille 5-7 players a round and still can't hit 100 before round ends
  7. map that needs removed cause its bugged

    we also need to change the round time....its waaaaayyy to long
  8. Need to remove de_rats4_final it is bugged and players cant join it.
  9. for your consideration

    Well, this is a bad example....This wasnt allowed in competitive play and would result in game losses and removal from matches.
  10. for your consideration

    can't currently pick up grenades. I prefer it this way. All this does is have a influx of spamming flashes. *sigh* main doesn't usually have a stacking problem. most of us DO want the competition and usually go on the losing team this is prolly my fav. awp controller i've dealt with. I'm guessing the delay for /awp is to deter awp mid rushers. makes you have to wait a second or two more. i hate bhop but no macro/mouse and still able to? then its ok
  11. Live or die - Winners edition.

    -2 Magnum 1. Plato (20) 2. RIS (✞) 3. Wrath (✞) 4. CATEGORYRKO (7) 5. Magnum (16) 6. Papi (✞) Is Plato the fav? i know hes my Number 1, no homo

    Yes there will, cause you will have the picked up one, and he will buy another in a round or two. The awp limiter is pretty nice. I do with tho, /awp bought the awp and armor at least. Its a pain to rush when you have to type /awp and also buy armor. I know its picky...so, TL;DR awp is fine how it is imo, never is a server greifed with awpers
  13. Quick PSA.

    I was thinking this too. He must have really wanted admin hahahaha
  14. Live or die - CS 1.6 Admin edition.

    -2 damage to iSUCK 1. yellow (✞) 2. Girino (18) 3. sleepiexjay (18) 4. Godlike (18) 5. DarkxD (18) 6. iSUCK (0)---dead
  15. Live or die - CS 1.6 Admin edition.

    -2 isuck 1. yellow (0)---dead 2. Girino (18) 3. sleepiexjay (18) 4. Godlike (18) 5. DarkxD (18) 6. iSUCK (6) 7. Magnum (20) 8. Scape (20)

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