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  1. random gfx

    Just practice my kind man/woman/it/thingy. Another Random Update
  2. random gfx

    Well first to say is, these sizes were usually for some other forums,but anyways, I'm not professionally good at making graphics. I had to watch tutorials to actually make one. Yes, i would love some advices please. http://i915.photobucket.com/albums/ac351/Lady-Steezy/NibbPower%20OR%20Shally/events.gif, http://i915.photobucket.com/albums/ac351/Lady-Steezy/NibbPower%20OR%20Shally/Sync.png. I am sorry if i put too many. D:
  3. Community Rebuild

    I'd like what I see. Good luck with populating the servers!
  4. random gfx

    Random update
  5. random gfx

    Update of this month
  6. random gfx

  7. random gfx

    Sorry, this was requested by as said person "Syrus" he wanted it like this.
  8. random gfx

    [ updates ] After Effects ~ & Photoshop ~
  9. Game Bundles & Offers V2

    Free permanent game copy (1 and half day left of expiration) https://www.humblebundle.com/store/satellite-reign Original Price from steam is $29.99 http://store.steampowered.com/app/268870/Satellite_Reign/
  10. GFX Request

    Please read the following rules before posting a request. We will provide formats for you to use when requesting. Rules are subject to change. Please visit this thread prior to ANY request no matter how many you've submitted in the past. Rules and Requirements All requests must be posted in their respected format. There is an additional comments section where you can make special requests. All requests must be reasonable. We are artists, not magicians... although that would be cool. Please allow up to one week for completion (after the request is claimed). If a week has passed, please freely bump the read but you must not use one word bumps, have more than 5 non-spam words to bump it. You may not request it for someone else; they've got hands and eyes. You may not steal, copyright, sell, or do any profit from our work. Make Our Lives Easier These aren't required, but they're nice to take into consideration. Try googling images or characters for the request you are asking for. If you can't find it, neither can we. Find a happy medium between specific and vague. If you can't come up with a preferred style, link a piece of work you like. What is a Render? [GFX] Its a cutout of a character or image aka one with a transparent background. They're very easy to use and are the preferred way of starting a design. If you cannot find a render of what youre requesting, finding a stock image in which the background can be easily cut out will suffice. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO POST A SPECIFIC RENDER. Saying "Iron Man" under the Render section will indirectly ask the artist to find an Iron man Render for you. Formats Signatures Render, Image, or Theme: Text: Color scheme/style: Additional Information: Avatar, Profile Picture Size/Website: Render, Image, or Theme: Text: Color Scheme/Style: Additional Information: More formats to come.
  11. GFX Request

    I'm the only graphic designer and I'm no web designer or coder. So unfortunately I cannot help you retrieve this information. @Motasem Sahle Alright then. As for why I responded late. I went on vacation from oct 14 - nov 9. So i'm trying to catch up on my lateness
  12. GFX Request

    What are you requesting exactly? Signature? Avatar? Wallpaper? Logo? Vector? What text? What style? Please read my first post before you randomly send me an image and expect me to put some magic without knowing exactly what you need.
  13. GFX Request

    @Nour Sahle You said to kept it at same size, so I did.
  14. GFX Request

    @San_Cvander I forgot to post it. I cannot make it to what you like so this is all I got.
  15. Game Bundles & Offers V2

    Walking Dead: Season 1 - 1 day 23 hours 21 min left Free Copy WayOut 2: Hex - 51% off ; offer ends 23 hours 9 minutes // Original: 0.99 NEW: 0.49 Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine - Permanent Copy till Sept. 8
  16. Minecraft Recruitment

    Before you lock my thread or report it as advertisement, please be in mind this is confirm and approved to be posted by Lasse. I have already talk to him about this and he knows I'll be posting. Renegade Army used to have a Minecraft server which lasted from around November 2012 to mid 2016/2017 (honestly, I forgot which year). It went under the name of Renegade Craft, as most of you've known. It was shut down due to population and the former owner, Hatch, did not have time anymore as he used to. He gave ownership to Sentiel and I, in which is under a new name called Montreal Gaming. There's actually a couple with similar names but that's not us. We're a small group, so big group isn't us. Although the ownership was given to us, we didn't have the money nor the time to make the server. So after a year, I finally found someone willing to host a server for us. We're not cheap, we do have jobs and I do pay for servers (gmod) and expenses for myself. We are currently still setting up the server and we would like to get help from either of these fields: Moderator / Admin Builder To build a spawn points. Developer/Coder We are still new so the server isn't even complete yet, both us (owners) are super busy with work and school (not me). FAQ: What is the name of the server? Montreal Gaming Why are you recruiting from here? If you read the post, then you'll know why. But if not, then it's because we had permission to do so, and this is technically a part of RA. Are we required to have experience? Preferably, yes. Will I get paid? No, this is not a paid job. How do I apply? You can comment below with the format or you can PM me your form. Is there a discord? Yes, we have a discord: https://discord.gg/GtzVCfa What kind of server is it? This is a modded cracked server. So both premium and cracked accounts can join. How many slots are there? I believe it was at least 30-40 slots. Who is the host? The host is named Dubstep. He's our only host for Minecraft. Who are you guys? Sentiel/Sentinel is the founder. I'm the owner and I host/manage garry's mod servers. Roy is our website developer (under maintenance) as well as the founder of GFL. Dubstep is the host of Minecraft. If there's a question not listed, please ask away. Form: [b]Name:[/b] [i]Your first name or nickname.[/i] [b]Minecraft Name:[/b] [b]Premium or Cracked?:[/b] [i]Are you cracked or premium account holder?[/i] [b]What role are you applying for?:[/b] [i]Look at above to see what role is available.[/i] [b]Do you have any experience in this field? If so, please provide proof.[/b] [i]If you do not have experience, that is okay.[/i] [b]Why do you want to apply?:[/b] [i]Give us a reason why you think you're a better than the other applicant.[/i] Replace the italic with your answers.
  17. random gfx

    @Nour Sahle & @Motasem Sahle if you guys are requesting for a gfx, please direct yourself to this thread: I do not take request in here.
  18. GFX Request

    @Err0r Sorry for delay. I hope this simplicity is fine.
  19. busy. busy. busy. what a sham.

  20. hi

    I thought long and hard about this because I did made one last year but then I vanished into thin air. As many of you do not know who I am while others do. I joined here 2012 (as said date of registration). The first server was knife arena after Quick-Gaming, ZombiesOnWeed, and MysticDeath like went awol/shut down. Most of you probably don't know what the hell these communities are but they were one of the bigger communities back in the day. Since this website was remade and lost a tons of record from the previous forums, but I'm not new at all. I may be new to servers that did not exist back then but overall I'm not new. I was a former new admin here for Knife arena but after promotion to junior admin with an addition to dust and gun game servers, I did not stay for long. I left on summer of 2014 due to the beginning of college. As of some of you know, renegade used to have a minecraft server. The previous owner, Hatch, handed the ownership to a friend of mine and I. Totally advertising but anyways, I was a forum moderator and a secret mod on the Minecraft server as well. What is a secret mod? I basically sit in spawn and watch idiots become idiots. Pretty much 2 face idiots that are trying to apply for staff position. The only time I'd ever used my power was when someone was literally fly hacking and these usually happens when there's no staff on excluding myself or any hidden staff. More about me, and me, and me. My name's Sally and most people recognize me as Shally or miku. I don't care what you call me, but due to my new name I've been using... You can call me either Derpy, Bae (Poop), or Petals. I'm 22 years old but I act like an immature child to feel young in a different way. I'm part of a different community... More like, multiple ones. I love anime and manga, but I'm no weeaboo or otaku. Why? It's the same thing that I love cartoons/books/shows/etc (american), so am I a Ameraweeb? I work as a customer service at a flooring warehouse, I do lots of random things since pretty much I'm like a dumpster of work. My favorite color is Black, but it does not mean I like black people, no offense intended. I'm not racist since 78% of my friends are African Americans or just plain ole black people. I am Chinese but I do not read or write in my own language because my parents never taught me or my siblings to. I have two siblings, a mother, a father, and a sister-in-law. Why did I include my sister-in-law? Well... She's practically in my life for nearly all my years till I was 7 years old. My two siblings is one older brother (obviously), and the other is a younger brother. My older brother resumed school to change major or to add-in a major, he was previously a computer technician but since in Texas (Houston), we're primarily computer techs so no jobs are available here for that position, very rare to get it. My younger brother is majoring Dentistry originally doing literal doctor degree at the hospital but he can't handle blood/gore so he changed his major. I'm majoring in accounting. Uhh, so uh yeah, want to know more? Ask me questions. Thanks.
  21. hi

    @Plato thank you plate.
  22. random gfx

    as said from @Wrath, please create your own thread. This is for me only. You are free to post critiques about my artwork. But please don't steal my thread. I am only going to ask you nicely @BLaCK-D3V!L. And if you want my advice, depending on the style you're going for, I'll assume you're doing simplicity. I would suggest to practice on the font, since for simplicity, they're focused on fonts and style of it. And the usage of PSD Colorings would be effective to it as well.
  23. hi

    @Enlil Thanks for the welcome. Yes, I am Chinese as I've mentioned in my intro.
  24. random gfx

    @Err0r Lol, I can. But preferably, that you request in here: UPDATE Today, I did two requests that I had pending. I have 3 more to go. -sigh-
  25. hi

    I see. This community used to have a lot of them back then. But everyone moved on. And thanks for welcoming. Thanks, I mostly play garry's mod and if I feel like it, I play cs 1.6 I'm pretty sure the young grasshopper would be you, not me I play overwatch (bots because if I can't defeat bots then how do I expect to fight real players???), smite, warface, stuff and so forth.