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  1. Hello

    hello person.
  2. <p><p><p><p>Hatch</p></p></p></p>

    <p><p><p><p>I miss kitkat.</p></p></p></p>

  3. Hello

    You wanna fite, bro? Thank you, ris Thank you. Oh hell no, surf 1.6 isn't my thing; it turns off my sounds everytime I play. Once I go on 1.6, I have bad feeling. Its both. Sally = Real name Shally = named I'm known by after years of being on 1.6 ; most people know me by 1.6 is shally.
  4. Hatch, all your hatchies wish you a

    Happy Belated Birthday I already posted on your facebook, but oh well. I couldn't say it on your facebook, but "you're old".
  5. Latest movie that you watched

    Spar Parts Wasn't much of my type, but it was okay Science geek mechanic.
  6. Music topic.

    /watch?v=CFsuQVB1Hyo It was in my playlist, so I copy whatever is playing. I tried to sing along.
  7. random gfx

    Too lazy to make a new thread, so I'll update. BIG UPDATE More to come.
  8. spam

    i like spam i'm the hottest girl, can you gimme free admin? I'll send nudes. and dandan, pls m8, don't be jelly. waiting for lasse to yell at me.
  9. Requesting sig

    I need you to answer a couple of questions. What size limit do you prefer? Do you want any type of blue sky/sunset image even if it has a person or any type of object in it? Do you want any text? If yes, what do you need to be added? Do you want a matching avatar? Is there any special effect or simplicity you want it to look like?
  10. Hi guys

    another kevin... why...another one? why do i keep meeting 100 kevins, what is this? Welcome to rA, there's nothing wrong with your name, its just that I met a total of 100 people named kevin for these past years since I was born.

    Hi! This is miku and I'm doing a giveaway from any of the games listed. Anyways... There will be THREE winners, The first winner gets three games, second winner gets two, and third winner gets one. The game you can choose from is... Garry's Mod Counter Strike: Global Offensive Counter Strike: Source Counter Strike 1.6 Or any games under $15 of your choice. If this succeed, then I will try another giveaway another day. Fill out this form: Name: Steam ID or URL: Game: Deadline is September 2, 2014. Winner will be announced and messaged. If he/she does not respond in 24 hours, then the new winner will be announced instead and the previous will not be getting their prize. I will make a video of it so it doesn't look like I'm cheating. I GOT PERMISSION FROM K3VIN TO MAKE THIS.

    Dandan is replying for him. He has a way to contact him, so yeah.

    Congratulation Toothyy for first place RIS for second place Cokr for third place You will be messaged and within 24 hours of not responding, I will select a new winner.
  14. My zombie :D

    So....the guy miss his shot?
  15. Allow me to reintroduce myself my name Hon'

    Welcome to Renegade Army forum and servers, HoneyBunny! I hope you enjoy your stay. If you have any questions, let us know! Also good luck on your trial admin period!
  16. Introduction TheBulgarian

    I don't remember you, but welcome back~
  17. Well Howdy.

    Welcome to Renegade Army forums and servers, Dred The name's Sally and its a pleasure to meet you. I hope you enjoy your lovely stay in our community. If you ever have any problems, let us know.
  18. Hi guys :D i will talk A bit

    Hello Yassine I'm too lazy to correct my spellings anyways, belated welcome from me.
  19. How's everyone beeeen?

    webe billa.

    You are allow to give your prize away, just make sure both party agree to which of the games they prefer. Right now things are on sale, so its cheaper. There are only two days left before deadline, hurry and apply before it ends. Once I reply, on September 2nd, application to apply for giveaways are closed. If you apply after my post, it is automatically denied/ignored. So make sure you do it before I reply!
  21. Whats your favorite MacDonald sandwich?

    I thought it's spelled McDonald? Anyways, I only like their french fries everything else is nasty. It taste very powdery
  22. Greetings!

    welcome to the new forum, ivan!
  23. Requesting a banner/intro

    I randomly did it.
  24. sig requests

    Make one for me, Toothyy. Text: miku image: anything you have
  25. ])eicide HERE

    Welcome to the new forums~