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  1. out of retirement :)

    Hey plato you should build a new pc soon and play go & beam of course i remember you lol could never forget ya like, i do this every game, and party up with some ppl who were doing well and end up carrying them and losing. I have a sense of how the rank system works in that you only rank up by winning, and carrying (no matter the amount of carry) will not amount to any exp in ranking up. Sad.
  2. out of retirement :)

    Hey guys, back out of retirement for the millionth time. Reason being i finally built myself a pc, so i've moved onto csgo! (no more 30 fps) i've noticed a lot of familiar names, hope to see some of you on csgo p.s someone come cue with me i hate top fragging and losing matches all the time. specs: i5-7500 @ 3.4ghz g.skill (2x8) 16GB ram msi geforce gtx 1060 6GB
  3. Gumpert

    i love when its ur bday, we both get gifts
  4. Gumpert

    Tell your mama im comin over later to give her what i gave her 30 yrs ago
  5. I really don't see how antiflash will have a big impact on main1? For starters, people purposely teamflashing get a slay/warning/kick/temp ban. Accidental teamflashing... well it was an accident, deal with it. Gonna change the dynamics of the game. Obviously will be abused on the poor little nonsteamers who will know nothing of the new plugin, and once they do know, will start hurling their flashbangs infront of teammates during a rush ON PURPOSE. (something i will do and knife u just like i do on every other server with antiflash plugin). Rushing any site as a T will be extremely easy. IF you can't avoid a flash, you shouldn't be voting.
  6. No to both semi-clip and disabling flashbang. Main1 is fine the way it is.

    There's a thing called google, and theres a thing called a site jk im not mean i've only watched first 2 episodes on here doe. http://gogoanime.tv/dragon-ball-super-episode-1 it's subbed cause i like the japanese voices.
  8. Dota2 TI5

    i wish i could sit and play games for a living :[ woop Secret in top 8
  9. Dota2 TI5

    God damnit, secret just lost again against iG. ughhh
  10. Dota2 TI5

    Plz lets all just dota2, i could use the money for some cool stuff like blonde streaks in my hair. Oh, and My pick is and will always be Secret.
  11. Travelling Tipz

    Hey to those who've stayed at hostels during summer, are they usually full? Is is better to plan ahead and book hostels?
  12. Snapchat / Instagram

    i only have dick pix on IG, and also i only take dick pic stories on my snapchat
  13. Snow and Olirig

    add back fun_matrix_reloaded
  14. Travelling Tipz

    Buuuut lets say i was wearing a big canada flag patch on my backpack or somewhere visible, and lets make a different scenario where i wasn't sitting next to a stranger (since i will be travelling with 2 friends) but instead just talking to them asking for advice/direcions or even good places to ear/have drinks at, do you think they will be friendly?