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  1. After 3 long years...

    ill miss you greek
  2. RA Counter-Strike Screens/Vids

  3. RA Counter-Strike Screens/Vids


    Haha I was kidding man. I'm glad to hear that you're doing good!

    Want to beat some south american teams on cevo open again?
  6. After 3 long years...

  7. After 3 long years...

    I willl happily whoop your ass or whoop other peoples asses together once the server has +50 players again.
  8. After 3 long years...

    Time for me to go. 1.6 and minecraft bore me, csgo surf makes me want to rip my hair out. I miss the times when I woke up every morning and pugged with [MENTION=4248]TOOTHZ[/MENTION] @mojo [MENTION=4325]Cokr[/MENTION] [MENTION=4380]hmongmeka[/MENTION], sleepy, dan, brain, hatch, aznkay, and anyone else whos names I couldnt think of at this moment. its funny, ive checked forums almost every day for 3 years. Im still gonna check forums and play games. im also going to be on whatsapp and any of the old guys can get my contact iformation easily. I never did get admin on the rA pug server, did i? Anyways goodbye everyone ill miss you and [MENTION=4992]Lasse[/MENTION] will always have a special place in my heart even though he tags me in every single fucking rS thread which is the main reason im leaving ok bye everyone!
  9. Return of Gotchu

    This kid told me that he was just done with ra on steam chat. Welcome back faggot
  10. WhatsApp

    +355 67 491 9400 Some senior admins and most head admins and above please add me.
  11. RA Counter-Strike Screens/Vids

    Hey I could have told each community our admin secrets and tools that they obviously dont know but I didnt
  12. RA Counter-Strike Screens/Vids

    I think I should get one of those . For my loyalty to ra.
  13. RA Counter-Strike Screens/Vids

    After 1200 hours in 1.6. 1300 hours in cs go. over 1200 matches played. I am finally global elite. [MENTION=4248]TOOTHZ[/MENTION] [MENTION=3]Hatch[/MENTION]
  14. Birthday Wishes *TOOTHZ*

    Toothyy you are my best friend and I hope you have the happiest birthday. Even though I made a minecraft server for both of us to play on your birthday and you didnt want to play, its okay because its your birthday and u should have a great time. happy birthday toothyy