The server machine is down due to maintenance. The company we use to host our machines are moving things from the current location to a new one which is why it is down. I do not know when it will be back up - all I know is that they have informed me that they are having some issues (not necessarily with our machine but in general) which is causing the entire thing to take longer than expected.

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  1. <3

    I mean he's still around
  2. <3

    You did not bad, Lasse. You did not bad.
  3. <3

    You still around tho, right?
  4. Suggestion Main 1

    Ya, roofing over map isn't too hard. Physic seems to be just like weapon drop. Look down at steepest angle to throw it at highest. And I tried shooting off the box, the hitbox seems to be not as accurate as model. Shooting the bomb from lower angle seems pretty difficult to do.
  5. Suggestion Main 1

    So I learned that you can shoot and move the bomb, LOL. This is a fun idea but I dont think it's good. I kept roofing the bomb over boxes so that players cant get it; was able to troll lol. I think it just defeats the purpose of planting bomb once CT has it under control. Literally impossible.
  6. Latest movie that you watched

    SPLIT, wasnt too bad, didnt like the ending. AMAZING acting. Overall was one-time-watch movie.
  7. Advances of drawings.

    Just to get an understanding of skill level and age.
  8. Advances of drawings.

    I like the bunny because drawing anything with lot of hair is difficult to draw. And you did pretty good job with shading and the details on hairline going with the flow is consistent throughout the drawing. How old are you?

    That's like.. not 32bit.. not 16bit.. but like 8bit quality LOL

    Shiet @Scape, I expected a typical white guy looking dude (almost like Plato looking) LOL look more g than I thought hahaha
  11. First Person View

    Id say leave it as it is. Its part of the game. People learn a lot of things from watching other people play. Nade spot, spam spot, recoil control, flicking, no scope, quickscope, everything. You learn a LOT.
  12. I mean cosmetic trading itself is pretty fucked up gambling system, technically speaking. The items are "chips". You BUY the chip, you trade with each other, you bet on your favorite team. Its not direct item purchasing / item selling with real money, but it has same concept.
  13. Main 1 > /me

    Ya but there's no reason for that to be changed to begin with. My main menu / ingame stuff were all in English, JUST in RA server the display texts. But like Wrath and Lasse said, its prob from my amxmodmenu. Still weird cuz it restored itself..
  14. Main 1 > /me

    Weird.. Donno if someone reset something or touched my setting? But its in English now. Last night was in Spanish. Odd.
  15. Main 1 > /me

    What the shit? I didnt know CS had a language setting.... I'll check it out when I get home.

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