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  1. Staff Update #16

    Congrats to everyone! I wasn't really expecting a promotion since I play on/off throughout the years Its been a great 9 years run for me and I would just like to talk back over the past years that happened here: Way back 2012, I found this community and I had to ask hatch to make me admin. I payed like 50 dollars back then to convince him to make me admin LOL. It was dust_2 #2 server and it was the server that had awp back in the day. That was the time I learned alot because I really was just brain dead in the game. I learned alot from ppl here and how to really play the game. I really had no idea on what the game was all about since I played this way back 2002-2003 ish. I was just really running and gunning back then but when I joined this community in 2012, that was the time I met all the amazing and knowledgeable players. I guess it sums up that I learned how to really play cs. After a while maybe 2014-2015, I was asked by Arsenik (old guys in the community all know what happened to him LOL) to be a rats server manager. I gladly accepted it and here I am now in present day. Back then, I learned how to add maps or to like listen to other ppls opinions on adding something in the server. I also met amazing members to play with me in the small but big areas in the rats server. I guess, I found so many great rats players back then and that made me happy. on/off I have been playing and I met so many great ppl here. To Lasse and Wrath who were my main B*tches. To whoever remembers the scrim team or PUG team in the server LOL. I had so much fun and that was the best days of my teen/adult life. Switching servers to play deathmatch, rats, surf, and knife were my fav parts back then. There just so many options to play and everyone knows the game actually had to many ppl to play with. I guess its what kept me going back then. Community bonding back then with L4d2 and maybe the draw my thing game was the two games I remembered when discord was all new back then. Idk if you guys remembered ventrilo or teamspeak but I used to troll alot of admins back in the glory days LOL. So much more to say and so much more to reminisce. I just want to thank everyone for keeping this communty alive. Alot of owners got passed on over the years and I am just happy that this community is still alive and kicking. Its been a great 9 years for me and I can't wait to see whats in stored in the future. To all the server boosters and active ppl here, thank you for keeping this community alive. I may not be that active but lets play soon when we get the chance. This is where we started right and this is where my first community really happened. Thank you for keeping the flames going. Writing this and reminiscing the glory days made me want to play this game even more now. But yea, to keep this not cheezy anymore: I would like to congrats everyone and to thank all the admins here for working hard. Love yall and miss yall. - Beam.26
  2. My apology

    Hey Nour! Welcome back to the community! Glad you stop by and introduced yourself again You are not alone my friend, some of us have been held hostage in the community for almost decades (myself included which is almost 8 years now) Hope everything is fine! I really don't remember what you did before, but over time people learn. 3 years is enough to learn about responsibilities. Good luck on your studies buddy!
  3. Hello

    Hey bud I'm pretty sure I knew you before cuz that name sounds so familiar to me lol
  4. Staff Update #12

    Congrats guys
  5. Staff Update #11

    Grats guys
  6. Alcayde...

    Happy Beerday
  7. Write a word with the last letter above the word

  8. :|

    Hi bibi

    LMFAO Dann

    Tayo nlng naiwan dito eh hahaha
  11. map that needs removed cause its bugged

    Yea I'm still on the process of experimenting on the round time and the server itself. Thank you