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  1. shop

    Hey Miku! Its been a while Still remember me? Well Can I request something(avatar) that represents me? I still love bananas and you were the one who made my sig before. Still love it till this day Size/Website: ummm rA avatar size (not sure lol)Render, Image, or Theme: (Is there a way to mix a banana and a Philippine/Canadian flag into it?)Text: BeaM.26^Color Scheme/Style: A scheme where re,white,blue,yellow would mix Suprise me bibi just like before Additional Information: Since its a random request you can do anything with the avatar pic Really up to your imagination. I'm not in a rush so you can jsut do it on your spare time Thanks again miku! <3 PS: I still use the sig you made a few years back
  2. lOl..nice song.

    1. BeaM.26


      Angel Beats anime :crying:

    2. Ali
  3. Welcome to the forums! I never knew you were a woman yet I called you bro many times in game
  4. Happy Beerday TOL! PA inuman ka nmn jan Hahahaha  :x:x:x

    1. Zer0virusx


      HAHAHAHA salamat pre haha eh kung ikaw kaya ang pumunta d2 para maki inom haha

  5. YOOO! your profile song makes me wet :x:$

    1. Liquidbullets


      You know it :) but everything makes you wet...

  6. NiCe Music .. . its like Gregorian -voyage voyage.

    impressive .. 


    1. BeaM.26


      LOL. I had to put an epic music to an epic account

  7. Kk so I'm starting the game again lol ... Sex
  8. I think its our timezone difference but I haven't seen you in game even though you're an admin lol so I'll be holding my vote for now. It doesn't matter whether I vote or not because you're already an admin so it shows that you're active in sever and forums so GL buddy
  9. I hope you still remember me faggot <3
  10. Hey Bibi kamusta?! Glad to see you back here in forums I hope you still remember this banana pedo
  11. That cable management makes me cringe
  12. Whats up CUMMER kid glad to see you in forums again! Try to contact Lasse about the situation cuz he's the new owner now <3

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