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  1. Do I have to Upgrade?

    Does your sister live by/near you? Sometimes, location plays a key when your closer to where the ISP is providing that connection. So perhaps that's why she has a faster connection. She got 3.5mb speed on WIFI after she upgraded her router? With regards to routers, it all depends if you live in an apartment/condo or house. There can be disturbance with the signal since there's so many signals that can interfere with your's. You can always try it first and return the router for a refund if it doesn't work out. Linksys is good brand and reliable. Haven't heard of Aerohive. Another brand you can take a look at are D-Link and Netgear. Good luck!
  2. Happy Birthday Boss.

    Is it really your birthday Hatch?... Happy Birthday man! Long live RA.
  3. Do I have to Upgrade?

    To be honest, it really has to be depending on your ISP and what package they are offering you. I'm using wireless N and it's pretty fine for the stuff I need to do. However, if you do a lot of streaming, then go with AC. Again, it depends on what package/speed is offered by your ISP. Also, how strong is your wireless signal to your router? Sometimes, that can affect it too. You can just purchase a WIFI Extended if signal strength is an issue.
  4. RA Counter-Strike Screens/Vids

  5. Lasse

    Happy Belated Bae.

    #WhatAreThose !
  7. RA Counter-Strike Screens/Vids

  8. Gumpert

    Happy Belated Birthday Gump!
  9. RA Counter-Strike Screens/Vids

    Still here and representing the community... [YOUTUBE]xyO79ngn1eM[/YOUTUBE]
  10. After 3 long years...

    I wanna continue seeing your frag vids on YouTube.
  11. Promotion time

    Congratulations to everyone mentioned. Well deserved group indeed.

    Nice hat.
  13. RA Counter-Strike Screens/Vids

    What condition is it?
  14. Malware scanner

    Windows 10 is fine for me. You just have to make sure you download the (latest) Windows 10 display driver that corresponds to your video card (ie. nVidia or AMD) I have to admit, upgrading was such a pain but it was worth it.
  15. Videos !

  16. Any Podcast fans?

    JuicyLand Radio Show Sick Individuals This Is Sick Hardwell On Air Hyseria Radio (Bingo Players) Avicii - Levels Flipside Street Mixes and More Global Soundsystems with tyDi A State Of Trance Similar to [MENTION=3124]Gotchu[/MENTION]
  17. [YOUTUBE]9F0V3fopE8k[/YOUTUBE] I tried playing this with a friend for the first time and thought I'd share it here. It's basically like ESEA, but without having to pay a monthly fee. You would have to register for an account on CEVO and link the account to your SteamID (so sorry, no non-Steam players). Once that's done, you'll download the client below and it'll have a server list for you to join. The only difference that I find is that you don't get to "rank up/down". Be sure you download the "CEVO CS:GO Client" found here: http://cevo.com/hub/csgo/downloads/ Any questions, feel free to ask in the forums. Also, add me up: lilaznkay
  18. I know we're not allowed to advertise or post any download links. Google something called WinLock. It'll basically disable any alt and Windows key command when you're in game. Keep in mind, if you find the Professional version *cough cough*, it does bother you with a password (that you initially set for the first time) every time you want to enable/disable the protection, as they call it.
  19. [CS GO] Digital Vibrance

    If you play GO, you'll know that most professional players plays the game with Digital Vibrance set to 100%. I only know that this will work on the nVidia side, but the website does say it'll work with AMD cards as well. Frankly, I have set this to 75% because I feel that it's comfortable when playing. http://vibrancegui.com/ Just download it and have it enabled during boot up of Windows. The program will activate as soon as GO is launched.
  20. Steam verify card or w/e

    Maybe Steam's stupid and wants certain cards...? I remember when I tried to make a purchase online and said that I couldn't use my card. Turns out that they don't take it and wants a different credit card.
  21. theorys application.

    Hi theory, welcome the the forums. I hope you stay active both in-game and forums, but do please read the requirements found here: http://renegade.army/forums/showthread.php?4145-Requirements-To-Join-Renegade-Army

    But bro, 64 tick, smurfs, derankers, noobs AND hackers all day! Did I mention it's free too? #GGValve
  23. RA Counter-Strike Screens/Vids