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  1. Community Rebuild

    and there's a reason we have this section: http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/forum/21-report-admin-abuse/ make sure to post the date you got kicked, preferably include a .dem still, welcome to rA!
  2. Make Zombie Hitboxes

    hitbox should be fixed by now, tho not sure how it'll be now
  3. Currently moving, will be back in 2-3days.

  4. Make Zombie Hitboxes

    that's actually possible but i don't remember why we removed it, it was probably cpu consuming or causing lags. only thing i remember enabling it won't identify hitboxes properly, such as headshot, leftarm shot...etc it'll all identify as a general shot.
  5. Unopened Account

    check your pm
  6. Unopened Account

    Since when you had it?
  7. Lost Progress

    check your pms
  8. Hi, since we have a new login system in our servers, I'm sure there are some of you who lost their EXP,bank,vip access..etc Please post in this topic if you lost your progress so I can deal with it later when I get the time, instead of spamming it on profiles and chat. ps: please provide your current keyID say /account and choose account info. post here the ID say /account and post your keyid which is shown on the menu. example Keyid: 123 thank you.
  9. Suggesting again

    1. if it's fine with others we can enable the old plugin we used to have 2. seems like it's semi clipped now 3. /chatsettings isn't a thing anymore, use /settings instead
  10. Help ( game delay )

    is this still an issue or is it fixed? cause i did some change in the server and i noticed my rates getting stabilized, can you confirm please?
  11. Staff Update #14

    chillax, we're doing a cleanup. there were admins who haven't been active for a very long time. let alone we're likely starting over from ground zero. and speaking of players there were +20 players in gungame the past months and we've seen no activity in there from any admin. even tho we have a report caller in discord and nobody actually pays attention to it. and it's full of reports. we didn't see any playtime in those admins not even 1 second. so yeah it's just that some admins doesn't care about keeping the server clean.
  12. Yikeeeeeees

  13. lost

    sorry for the late response, quite hard to keep up with the forums lately. @THE LiTTlE HERO send me your information on pm or message me on discord edit: I have sent you your new account information.
  14. Staff Update #14

    Congratulations everyone!
  15. Hello

    Sms payment isnt supported but, Are you able to boost?
  16. Heyy

    Hey tazogi, welcome to our forums and thank you for your contribution!
  17. Lost Progress

  18. Lost Progress

  19. Error 404: Failed to submit post, N pass not found.
  20. Here you can post your suggestions. If you find any bug in a map or mode, tell us which one is and what exactly is the bug. If you are going to suggest a map, post the full name of the map, and if you are going to suggest a mode, special gun or knife, post the full name and give us a short resume of what it is. New maps added: Maps available to play:
  21. [Gift] Wrath

    looks dope!
  22. Due to an update, i rewrote the perks plugin which resulted in this bug, ill fix it asap. And about weapons ill check on them aswell Edit: Donor fixed
  23. [Gift] finesse

    looking fine next time use @ to tag someone example @finesse .
  24. My Introduction

    Welcome to our forums! We hope you enjoy your stay