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  1. hmmm

  2. hmmm

  3. How can I get coins in the zombie mode?

    The coins are not obtainable for now, however, you can still get some of it by unlocking achievements.
  4. Login Issue...

    seems like steam login's getting the same issue forumkey login had before, basically if you do not access it after choosing enabled you wont get any issue but if you do you'd get back to disabling auto login, i'll have take a deep look into the plugin and find what's causing this.

    wow great job you did there!
  6. Login Issue...

    you most likely have too many setinfos in your config.cfg delete the useless ones then try again ps: try not to share your account's password lol..
  7. hello ladies and gents

    oh boi how ya been dude?
  8. Lag

    where is this happening? gg?
  9. Miku seriously wtf are you attracting, it's like you somehow infected your own profile.

    1. `miku.


      What you meannn?

    2. `miku.


      Oh nvm I see now. Idk, its not my fault a bunch of advertisers post on my account.

    3. Wrath


      Lol woulda thought that if we were all getting them.

  10. ....

    >anonymous sure, if you like the mask then we could just get the anonymous mask. >human class coming soon, we already added a new zombie class (vip) that sucks souls >admin only weapons that my friend i'm afraid it's something we do not do in rA. admins are meant to get the role to keep the server clean from cheaters. atleast admins got permanent vip which should be enough.
  11. I am back!

    late reply LOL but welcome back!
  12. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    Thats necessary
  13. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    I see you're an expert at wallhacking and aimbotting Also, i dont speak amxx, i speak only sma.
  14. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    alright, after reviewing those plugins and modules it appears they're meant to work on a linux server, we currently have windows servers. and also we already own that module in a .dll version but seems like it was bugging up and interrupting with some of our plugins. anyways, thank you for your concern but we got the idea and we'll work on it
  15. Anti cheat , Puplic Servers.

    Thank you for your help, will check when i get home! Ps: did you just attempt green texting?!
  16. Here you can post your suggestions. If you find any bug in a map or mode, tell us which one is and what exactly is the bug. If you are going to suggest a map, post the full name of the map, and if you are going to suggest a mode, special gun or knife, post the full name and give us a short resume of what it is. New maps added: Maps available to play:
  17. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    seems like it's working just fine
  18. Introduction

    Yooo welcome back dude long time no see!
  19. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    I'll fix them very soon it's just due to the updates im doing
  20. Introduction - Richard

  21. Cs1.6 dust2

    it already exists in stats system, say /rankstats and check bottom right
  22. Which server would you like to see boosted next?

    *ZM intensifies* Dust2!
  23. Cs1.6 dust2

    you mean next to name in chat? like this? (Private 2) [Admin] -rA. Adrenaline's Wrath: Hello

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