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  1. Suggesntion Main 1

    Did small changes, see if its better. Whats wrong with campin meter?
  2. what is the old music you had on your profile

    1. Wrath


      fortune days - drink the sea

      i think

    2. Empty


      oooh I found it 

      Animus Vox - The Glitch Mob

  3. Updated first post for the accounts new update + reuploaded pictures.
  4. Going hiatus (again) for a week.

    will be around on sunday 13th!

    cya! :dancingpoop:

  5. About time I did this

    Shock Networks?? this looks interesting!
  6. Could be done at some point sure, might even give the option for it. How much Exp does it need? i'm pretty sure it gets enough? done, i have added more damage to it.
  7. Drawing

    ayy lookin neet! i think you mean "Toyota Supra" lol tho great job! keep it up!
  8. Make Zombie Hitboxes

    hitbox should be fixed by now, tho not sure how it'll be now
  9. Currently moving, will be back in 2-3days.

  10. Make Zombie Hitboxes

    that's actually possible but i don't remember why we removed it, it was probably cpu consuming or causing lags. only thing i remember enabling it won't identify hitboxes properly, such as headshot, leftarm shot...etc it'll all identify as a general shot.
  11. Hey man hmu was interested in joining the clan. You guys got a great server