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  1. Just someone who's working on your requests and fixes in this community 24/7
  2. Crystals being removed.

    they're not removed, just hard to find.
  3. CS_Siege - Bug sound Echo

    yes it is a solution what that plugin does is execute this line in your cs: stopsound;room_type 00 tho what you're looking for is room_type 0, you can do something like bind "v" "stopsound;room_type 0" or bind "v" "room_type 0" and you'll be just fine
  4. it all depends on @AnnaLee tbh
  5. Gay weeaboo 

    1. Wrath



  6. Damn profile spammers

    1. Lasse


      What's wrong Steven?

    2. Err0r
    3. Bam Bam

      Bam Bam

      lol Steverne

  7. Deathmatch Maps

    fy_snow and fy_iceworld added to DM along with waypoints
  8. Deathmatch Maps

    what happend?
  9. your song seems not much bam :)  the song that you have chosen before was nice. this is a story  .. ..  .

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. theprodigy12


      Cringe level : despacito 

    3. Bam Bam

      Bam Bam

      when 2 engineers were talking with each other and having some meetings.one janitor must not come into their chats or meeting and mess the meeting  by telling dont u need anything like cup of tea or coffee? :)


    4. theprodigy12


      I hope you do realize this is a public post and not DM discussion 

      "2 engineers" 

  10. Wrath why *_*

    Im a busy person, its not easy to "look carefully" at coding. Let alone mistakes in coding are common, else the word "bugs" or "glitches" wouldnt have existed and only the word "mistakes" would be the one used.
  11. Wrath why *_*

    ok it seems like the crystals aren't that rare, guess i'll make it even worse, but let me know if they're showing up as often, my point is to make the crystals show up like 2 times at max in a map rarely and that's it or even once. however, there's a misunderstanding about the meaning to be a donor. if it were a perk I'd understand if you got mad when another player gets it freely, but the word donor is a whole diffrent thing. when you're donating you're supposed to donate without expecting something back, that's like going up to a beggar and giving them money for something they have. the advantages we give to donor is a kind of way showing our gratitude to their kindness, not selling them. my whole point about crystals is encouraging players to think about getting donor to get the weapons they want easily instead of running around looking for those crystals. I'll change the way the crystals show up as I mentioned, so hmu if they're showing up as often as before.

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