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  1. zp

    how does this bug happen? fixed @Wachi
  2. I went ahead and removed the custom maps and added almost all default maps except de_dust2 as suggested. let me know if i'm missing a default map say "listmaps" in chat and check console for full list

  4. Hi Wrath, when you are going to modify the zombie city?

  5. lol aight, glad it's settled
  6. added /cam function, also has /cam2 function. you'll need to give us time for a respawn system
  7. it works fine for me and i checked your account and you seem to be already in rA, can you try one more time?
  8. you mean people are able to use /tag in gg or you can't use /tag?
  9. >is back >steam on snooze anyways, welcome back boiiii!
  10. done.
  11. Bro I lost my login (/account) Id password


    Can you Help me ?

  12. ????????????????????
  13. Wrath, and if we update a bit the zombie mod, with new things..

    1. Wrath


      I didn't forget about zombie mode, i'll get back to it soon or later.

      I just need to finalize some plugins in the rest of the rA servers then i'll come back to zm :)

    2. Nhuck


      We look forward to what awaits us, some weapons for donors, models, new skills. etc. That would be good, if you like. We can talk about suggestions 

  14. shouldn't cause any lags to the server, it's more likely caused for the client side depending on their connection rate

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