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  1. wrath i post it in the admin application


  2. Member Request

    Accepted, welcome to the pack!
  3. Member Request

    Accepted, welcome aboard
  4. Dust2 map update.

    Troll harder kids again posting with 2 diffrent account with the same IP address this shitty community's still up since 2011. or maybe it's shitty because of you, so lets whip off the shit stain off this community!
  5. Dust2 map update.

    Alright, that's it. @Tiffany @Cassidy @Michael This community shit's staff were able to see your IP on each of your posts and they all look the same, which means you're the same person spamming this topic not only that you're spamming but you're insulting the community where you're an admin on. complaining about anti-cheat and hackers while YOU'RE the admin if anti-cheat had any good use we would not even need admins in our servers. cause then that would be pointless Your admin has been removed as it has shown a huge risk on handing you such responsibilty. Thank you for joining this community. have a good day.
  6. Dust2 map update.

    Cringiest fucking topic I have ever seen in rA's history.
  7. Dust2 map update.

    >User still not getting what's going on.
  8. Dust2 map update.

    Yeah I'm pretty sure, atleast they can't see what's my IP and they can't figure out if we're 2 or the same person using diffrent accounts to communicate with each other.
  9. Dust2 map update.

    Don't listen to them Wrath, they're confused and have no idea what's going on
  10. Dust2 map update.

    Pretty good thank you i'm doin great! All is good! Hope you're doing good aswell!
  11. Dust2 map update.

    Hello @Wrath how are you? I havent seen you around for awhile! How's life Goin?
  12. Suggesntion Main 1

    Did small changes, see if its better. Whats wrong with campin meter?
  13. what is the old music you had on your profile

    1. Wrath


      fortune days - drink the sea

      i think

    2. Empty


      oooh I found it 

      Animus Vox - The Glitch Mob

  14. Updated first post for the accounts new update + reuploaded pictures.