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  1. Main 1 last one standing

    done added it as a setting in "stats settings"
  2. HBD San

    happy birthday!! @San_Andreas
  3. All You Have To Do Is Stay


    A Minute 


    Just Take


    Your Time


    The Clock Is Ticking


    So Stay 


  4. Bug Reports and Suggestions

    You'll have to get enough people to agree about it so @AnnaLee installs it. I'll look into it edit: fixed and also added an option to toggle the sounds. say /killsound or /killsounds
  5. It's time to say goodbye.

    hope it's not a farewell and you'll come back sometime soon or later, best of luck with your life and I hope you find your happiness w/e you go!
  6. Steam ID

    Offcourse you can use forumkey or name/pass to login
  7. Wrath wrath wrath answer about the massage

  8. Alcayde...

  9. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    That is for ult vip only or extreme donor
  10. Does this remind you of something? v2.

    Billedresultat for l4d2 helicopter


    Billedresultat for molotov l4d2

    1. Alcayde


      Have you beat a map yet? LUL

    2. Wrath



  11. goodbye for now.

    School > games best focus on your schole from now on and wish you the best! you're always welcome whenever you want to come back
  12. Does this remind you of something?


    Billedresultat for l4d2 train


    Billedresultat for charger l4d2

    1. Alcayde


      LOL Never forget

    2. Wrath


      i hope you get charged at by a tank you skunk

    3. Alcayde


      Nah that's only for you. The game knows this

  13. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    Planning on tweaking weapons not zombies lol
  14. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    >increase weapon's damages >increase zombie's HP I see no end in this.
  15. :|

    welcome back noob!

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