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  1. I just checked, it was supposed ot reset untill 6th month, was not supposed to happen anytime soon. I think it was affected due to today's servers being down. did an update to the plugin anyways this section is for deathmatch server only
  2. wot what's your rank?
  3. first of all stop spamming. secondly, you had less than 25m, so that's how much you'll get. how did I know? we have logs about it. so next time don't even try to scam us by lying about your money. this is renegade army.
  4. you have 6m back but i dont think you'velost 100k exp, in the records it shows you had around 200k and it was last year. now 300k, I dont see any exp loss. if so how did you lose it?
  5. ey welcome to the community!
  6. alright locking this since it's already been done.
  7. Just wanted to inform you all that there's going to be a stats reset for our cs 1.6 servers tonight. expect the resets to happen every 2 months automatically. you can use the say command "/nextstatsreset" to check when the next reset is going to happen. sorry about this but we need to give everyone a chance to prove their skills
  8. alright, made the plugin that'll automatically reset the stats every 2 months. i'll enable it in all servers tonight, so expect a reset.
  9. Oi eu estou no nivel Legendary no cs 1.6 zombies e nao tenho nem vip permanente gostaria de saber oque faço para conseguir 

    Meu ID: 15759

    1. Wrath



      Você pode comprar vip dizendo ingame / perkshop ou comprá-lo de nossa loja de fóruns ou você pode aumentar o servidor 5 vezes em gametracker.rs Eu tive que usar o google tradutor para escrever isso.

    2. GirinoS


      Resumindo o que o @Wrath disse: Então você pode comprar pelo /perkshop custando 15,000,000 de dinheiro do jogo, ou você pode optar pelo boost(mas o vip não será permanente) e terá que dar boost 5 vezes pelo site gametracker.rs. Ou então optar pela loja do fórum, custará 5,00 dolares e o ultimate vip 10-15 dolares :) 

  10. wrath.jpg.72d96fed3356ad11a1f5952189db583e.jpg this picture for making the scores reset. i think this picture will gives u all the answer that is in my heart. lol

    1. Wrath


      LOL my ex waifu!

    2. Ali


      it means that dont reset scores . at least keep my score lol

    3. GirinoS


      lol kjjkkjjkkj

  11. i'll work on an auto leaderboard reset very soon, like every 2 months or something, so give me a lil time and ill make that happen.
  12. zp

    for gameplay balancing offcourse also vip plugin's fixed
  13. does this issue still persist? @MaGNuM
  14. the vip perks arent finalised, they were mainly for zombie mode only and almost all perks you see in the forums store except weapon skins. but we plan on making them work in all servers very soon. even if you buy it now it'll remain paused unless you play in the zombie server.

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