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  1. clan rA

    @delicadeza @Publicidad@Ira
  2. Last person to post wins

    are you sure about it?
  3. Clan

    Alta paja andar en clanes wn XD, ando en rA pero no uso el tag ps pq cY JAJDJAJSJAJJ aunque eres libre y lo del top no tiene nada que ver pero to piola
  4. Member request "Again"

    ¿Cuál es tu nombre en el juego? N0M4D / EquinoX / [X] zenk1 - ¿Cuantos años tienes? dieciséis - ¿A qué servidor de Renegade Army juegas como máximo? Dust2 24/7 - ¿Dónde vives? Estado (país, (provincia, territorio) ciudad) Ciudad de Guatemala / Gustemala - ¿Como podemos contactarlo? (Steam ID / Discord) z3nk1 # 3937 - ¿Eres activo en otra comunidad / clan? No - ¿Cuál es su ID de clave? (Vaya al servidor, escriba / cuenta, presione 2 para obtener información de la cuenta) 88848
  5. Classic Server Bots

    I can improve, I know, but that is no excuse for the server to have 16 bots with an incredibly high difficulty that does not allow you to even shoot...
  6. hello, well the topic is the following ... The bots of the classic server are in a very high difficulty, in addition to being too many bots for the server with which it would be a good idea to change the difficulty of the bots and to remove at least half so that the server is not so full
  7. in that case, it's ok.... :3
  8. Staff Update #16

    haha yes, I like being part of this family ... I really didn't think it would be an admin but here I am, I hope I can go a long journey with this incredible community I love you too bb Wrath <3
  9. Hello everyone haha, well I would like you to take this suggestion into account since I think it would be very good for clutch situations. That you or your partners can use your awp would be a point for the server ... I am not saying that they do not remove the 3 previous rounds before buying the awp only that your partners (only partners) can take your awp to make a clutch or give it back to you in the next round
  10. Confess something that embarrasses you.

    I confess that I use aimbot to kill @SHENLONGH in D2 In addition to breaking my first CS for a Zombie Escape mod.exe I was 6 years old ok? :'D
  11. Staff Update #16

    @Nhuck Congratulations you deserve it bro!. <3
  12. Staff Update #16

    how good it feels Thanks guys I promise to give my best effort!
  13. Well, in that case all good, I just want to prevent players from camping having the bomb.
  14. @finesse . The problem is not the transfer of the pump, but how the boy with the bomb plays, normally The bomb is transferred to a player, the problem is if the bomb player is camping at the Terrorist base, For this reason I hope it will be implemented In order to take the bomb away from the boy and not wait for him for a long time, this would not be like a vote rather like a special key.