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  1. Dust2 map update.

    Hello Cassie, how have you been? Nice to see you again. you can write to me privately in discord whenever you want. I will show you the new AMX MOD X MENU that I launched about 5 months ago. so you can install it on your servers whenever you want.
  2. Dust2 map update.

    How are you Michael ??? Glad to hear that you liked the map so much, I only made this post to find out if people liked the supposed update. Since the installation of the map is owed by the owner of the community, I could pass the map to him so that he can install it on the server.
  3. Dust2 map update.

    I was thinking of an update to the dust2 map, in a more elegant and striking style of play. since it is the only map in which it is played continuously. Here below I leave some screenshots of how the updated map would be.