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  1. Unopened Account

    Hello I'am Frontport,Can u help me with my account usernamed "idk". I can't login to my account, When i try to log in, After i entered the password, it didn't say anything in chat and didnt log me to my account, now im playing in your zombie server with my alt usernamed "frontport". Please Fix it Thank you!
  2. Unopened Account

    Hello, after a shower it makes me brain little smart, i remember my key id, its like 90331 or close to that, its like 90__1
  3. Unopened Account

    Oh okay, it's cause i only remember there is a number 9,0,3,1. i remember like 90___ something
  4. Unopened Account

    Oh hi, Sorry for the late reply,I dont remember much like my level is like 65+ maybe,I maxed out the ability Ultimate Smash,My Key id is maybe 90311, My key id i remeber has a 9 , 0 , 3 and 1.My playtime is more than 72hours.I have a clan but ii dont remember the name. Edit: I maybe have it in like 2018/2019