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  2. Classic

    Since Dust 2 is getting a lot of love, i'll be month boosting Classic soon so we can get some traffic in there, and since i'm the Server manager of it i feel like i'm slacking i've been doing 4 hour boost everyday but it's just not enough if anyone would like to help me your welcomed to cause it's are server and i would like to see all the servers filled at some point and this is the first step, Keep it up! I was wondering if i could get an ASM For classic, Someone who could help me Boost Classic along with me cause i'm not made of money it's just an idea i have a friend joining the community "broduer" He's a long time friend and he can put in the work I understand he needs to be known so he will put in his time help me ban people Make an application and so on. He is also the Owner of AoG, and that's where i came from. <3
  3. Heyy

    Hey, My names Tazogi i will be ur weekly booster i will be sending 20-25$ every week via donation so you can boost your servers!