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    Hello RA friends, My handle is Richard Feynman gets Physical, and I have been playing on RA servers (mostly gungame) for two years or so. I've been playing 1.6 for about 10 years overall, spending the beginning of it playing mods like WC3FT, which have fallen off in popularity the last several years. I appreciate the fact that the admins here are very active not only playing in game, but trying new things to see what works and what doesn't. Overall, my experience with players and administrators on the RA servers has been very positive, and I really should have been through the forums earlier to introduce myself. Thanks for all your work, and see you in game! -RFGP

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Renegade Army was established back in January 2011 and started off as a Counter Strike 1.6 community. The community has been expanding since then and has evolved from being a community solely focused on Counter Strike 1.6 to now being a Counter Strike: Global Offensive community as well.
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