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  1. [GENERAL INFORMATION][Awkward and short answers may lead you to an immediate rejection]Your name in-game:Your IGN if you get accepted in [MM]:How should we address you? (IRL name):Your age:Your country:Your gender:Languages you understand and speak fluently:BTTDM server(s) you play:Give us a brief description of your duelling history, when and how did you learn to duel?:Give us a list of your previous clans:Tell us about your experience in other clans? (Leave blank if doesn't apply):Have you been part of the leadership in any previous Groups/Clans/Crew?:Weapons you can efficiently use for duelling (RW/WW):Do you have any MM member who are willing to vouch for you? If so, provide us at least 3 names:If you were in [MM] before, what is the reason you have to re-apply? (Leave blank if doesn't apply):What makes you special? Why should we choose you over other applicants?:How do you think [MM] can be improved:What server would you like to be tested on if my application gets accepted:Will you be active in our Promotional Topic?:Will you join our Discord & Whatsapp groups?:[SKILL-BASED INFORMATION][On a scale of 1–10 with 10 being the most positive, rate these questions]Rate your c-bugging skills:Rate your aiming skills:Rate your litefooting skills:Rate your skinhit skills:Rate your lagshot skills:Rate your desert eagle skills:Rate your sawn-off skillsRate your sniper skills:Signed by:Murder Mob Aspirant Member