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  1. rA.Clan

    For Alcayde!! My Bro please i want to join for your clan and im very love your clan rA rA rA please im wait very much days for your following me for in it clan please follow me in it
  2. For rA.Club

    I want joind in rA.Club follow me please for im joind and im very like it club ... please answer and follow me in !!!!
  3. Crystals being removed.

    I thing you remove the crystalls ... why you dont do crystalls in the server ? ... please tell me and do crystalls my buddy!!
  4. Wrath :D

    Wrath Tell me how to do the PM for who i want send it PM (Where press please tell me my bro , amigo ) thx if you answer me !! thank you !!
  5. Hola server

    G00D M0RN!NG FRIENDS WE PLAY IN THE VERY GOOD SERVER IN THE WORLD IF IT REALY GIVE LIKE IN MY MESSAGE !!!! like like like the good man is Wrath credite for he
  6. For ItzFaithYT

    sorry im so sorry for what i do for you do say it for you !!!