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    love to kill Zombie
  1. motasem im very sory about that please Forgive me  please  

    1. Motasem Sahle

      Motasem Sahle

      I will not forgive you    now because you do that all think me hack now all admins hit me all that because you go away I will not forgive you  

    2. Motasem Sahle
  2. lasse i am very sory im the reason about motasem  im playing on his laptob with hack so you can banned me not him motasem is very good he is like a hero he loves to catch the hackes so im very sory about that      and that meaning me the reason motasem a good man banned me not him   

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    2. Lasse


      You do realize that I can see that all of these messages are written not only from the same IP but on the exact same device - right?

    3. Motasem Sahle

      Motasem Sahle

      • you mean me write it so i can say i swear  not me he write that im my house because i say to him tell him the true
    4. Motasem Sahle

      Motasem Sahle

      and he dont write that on my computer

      he write that on his copmputer 

  3. -rA. Clan

    - What is your in-game name?Hell@FiRe - How old are you?14 - Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most? Zombie - Where do you live? State(Country, (Province, Territory) City): palestine - How can we contact you? (Steam ID / Discord):i dont have Ddiscord but i will making - Are you active in another community/clan? just in deathmach - What is your Key ID? (Go into the server, type /account, press 2 for account info):59780