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  1. [GIVEAWAY] Shadow Complex: Remastered

    1. black cat 2. hedgehog 4. chicken 5.charmeleon 6.lizard ( @Ozys ) 7.mice 8. cheetah 9. bear 10.gorilla
  2. for your consideration

    The problem is that this type of "mwheel russian walk" moves the hitboxes out of the player model and every second step becomes silent. That's why ALL leagues and tournaments around the world had to forbid binding +duck on the mwheel, but i dont think there should be any problem with our or public server. Russianwalk aka silent run has been around in 1.5 and early 1.6 days, now it's just called "crouch hop". It was silent before, but now it makes noise and players use it to avoid bullets. I don't think this should be removed, it's not a bug and it's not silent. The hitboxes do get screwed up sometimes, that would be a nice fix. so i think it fair to keep that.
  3. Returned

    nice to see you back buddy!!
  4. Q > Chicago

    I used to live in Chicago long time back!!! there are many places to visit (resturanant , awesome parks, dimelight cities ( i.e aliena ) , but they are not that famous or I can say tourist spots!! willis tower or 360 Chicago is definitely too go stuff which is there in your list , it has fastest elevator in north America!!! speed is amazing!!!! and who will miss the opportunity to eat wonderful food like deep dish pizzas and Italian beef!! you should be foodie man!!
  5. GFX Request

    hey mikuu i guess i am back , i guess i need some more crazy stuff i am not sure how it goes!! but lets give a try buddy! Size/Website: i guess what ever that fits RA profile picture size. Render, Image, or Theme: uhmm, steve cook (fitness model ) looking very aggressive i dont want him to be shirtless though , his arms vein and body cuts should be clearly visible like goku or any super sayiaan, make that pic in lightining OR fire turning himself in to super sayiaan! should be looking muscular Text: San_cvander Color Scheme/Style: Blue, red ,and somewhat mixtures of green , (really what you think fits the best ) note : he should not look like hulk lol Additional Information: umm, no i dont think so, it really upto your imagination how it turns out to!!
  6. Best edition of CALL OF DUTY and why?

    ok so finally i gave decided to give try to modern warfare!! lets see how it goes!1 thanks for suggestion yo ' all
  7. hi

    nice to see such a old member back (petals ) !! hopefully you would design something interesting for me like you did for beam .... dancing banana!!!
  8. Best edition of CALL OF DUTY and why?

    @Ozys kek!! you need to donate that game to me ASAP!!!
  9. Best edition of CALL OF DUTY and why?

    hard as in what? is it not interesting?
  10. behind the scenes

    I GUESS ITS TIME TO DECIDE WHO IS WHO IN THIS PIC MY NOMINIES FOR THIS PIC ARE!! @Ali @BLaCK-D3V!L @Nhuck @doffy mingo (TM Neptchune) use numbers 1,2,3,4 to represent each character..
  11. Live or die - Winners edition.

    @Arash thanks to me and black i guess!!!! i woke up that morning and decided to finish that shit!!! if any games like that starts again i will finish it within hours i guess then lasse might use disclaimer san stay away from these games .. lol : P cheers!
  12. Best edition of CALL OF DUTY and why?

    I was thinking to play call of duty which version is best like zombies VS blackops VS infinity warfare vs any ?
  13. Live or die - Winners edition.

    @MaGNuM I am so sorry buddy I wish I could make you back alive !!!! but your murder was planned ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! @BLaCK-D3V!L
  14. Enter the AI

    hey AI you are most welcome, looking forward to have good time with you indeed!!!
  15. Suggestions ( Classic Maps )

    1 and 2 is perfectly ok , 3. D3/AU-1 Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle ( terror ) and Krieg 550 Commando should be enabled as @iSUCK cs1.6 mentioned s a classic server to be classic we need those weapons..(eventhough I have never used them in ma life ) but there might be some people who might love to use that. 4. I do have to agree with @Godlike that teamflash really annoys a lot. for e.g when you get perfect spawn towards A long or B , we run as fast as possible to flash that spot and clear the bomb sites , guess what happens is that some team mates through flashes from behind and you become victim!! lol...and there become no point of rushing or getting good spawn if we are in PUG , then I agree we need team flash on.. because we have many experienced (Pro) player playing over there.. My only concern is most of teammates are not aware how to use flash !!

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