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    28? You look like 19/20 lol. No offense.
  2. Confess something that embarrasses you.

    The way you said it, it sure sounded like it lol. And that's why you take AP's lol and then you go to college lol.
  3. Confess something that embarrasses you.

    I would still reconsider it. If I were you, I'd focus on my studies for college. Having a girlfriend is optional. But that's me. Studies is the first priority to be successful. Would you rather be a success or a failure? It's your decision though. You make your own decisions. That's all I'm going to say for now.
  4. [EVENT] Deathrun!

    I'm in. Though I may be rusty, haven't played a Deathrun in ages.
  5. Confess something that embarrasses you.

    Well, depending where you are, some girls are just immature as hell. But that's my opinion, immature/rude etc.. I wouldn't suggest going to a relationship before 16/17 or after college. But that's my opinion.
  6. Weapons that need some damage upgrade

    The reason why I stopped playing zombies was because some of the weapons were able to one shot you. It was dumb, it's just my opinion not hating. Whenever you're a zombie you feel useless.. like literally useless. If I can't even get to them how the hell am I supposed to infect them..? Though I don't know the exact details since I don't play cs that much anymore.
  7. Lasse Wasse

    Sorry @Lasse, didn't know it was your bd yesterday. Nevertheless, Happy late Birthday!
  8. My fried boi just visting?

  9. Alcayde...

    Happy birthday @Alcayde! Hope you have a great one!
  10. goodbye for now.

    Why wouldn't you focus on school in the first place? In reality, School > Video Games. Anywho, cya and gl.
  11. :|


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