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Merry Christmas! 

Psst.. If the snow is bothering you, you can click on 'Themes' in the bottom left corner and choose the 'Christmas 2017 (without snow) theme.


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  1. [EVENT] Pug event.

    Count me in if you need 1 more.
  2. nice profile Ali :)

    1. Bam Bam

      Bam Bam

      ty same as to you :) like skeleton king in Dota Allstars 

  3. Hey, there is a lot of cheaters especially when no admin is here, when i play there is 7 hours difference between our countries and if every admin is from USA then when i play i cant tell them to ban someone. Like now.

    1. klaathax


      yep keep being active for a bit longer, i will recommend

    2. Kill_Em_All


      I will, thank you.


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