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  1. [GIVEAWAY] Shadow Complex: Remastered

    1 Lion 2 Komodo dragon 3 Gorilla 4 Hydra 5 Bear 6 Narwhal 7 Wale shark 8 Lynx 9 Cougar 10 Elephant
  2. I'm back?

    Welcome back.
  3. Returned

    Welcome back.
  4. Strict admin requirements

    Thanks yall for more clarifications and infos.
  5. Strict admin requirements

    I mean not just that but also they shude be checked reguraly because some of them are just incompetent. They know no rules no nothing, its just a shame for this wonderful community.
  6. Strict admin requirements

    I think many of you have remarked to proliferation of admin application lately. Like every incompetent kid want it. So i was thinking that someone handle this properly by adding some strict requirements to stop everyone that just joined the server for like 2 days or weeks, even month from just thinking he can apply and be accepted. I mean some dont even read the rules or guidelines. So they late player spam for other servers and let player straight cheat just because they dont want to the server to get empty. So please someone take this matter at hand, its extremly important. With kind regards. AI
  7. rAp bAttle

    we finally found that rare Mega faggot lol. no insults intended bruh @BLaCK-D3V!L @Cobra
  8. Staff Update #9

    Congrats to yall.
  9. rAp bAttle

    Hahahahahahahahahaha OK u won bruh
  10. rAp bAttle

    I mean no disrespect bruh but learn the damn linguo b4 starting to yap ur mouth or ull get clipped bish lol
  11. rAp bAttle

    @MaGNuM First its rapping not dropping beats. u got it wrong, learn the fucking linguo first then come back.
  12. rAp bAttle

    yall got it wrong got it twisted my rhymes are so simple they barely look interesting but trust me when i say im barely getting started
  13. rAp bAttle

    U boiiz aint ready for thee U cant compare to me nor anyone can Ima keep hittin u faggot asses till i get a ban On da beat im like king kong On ur asses im like a long n big fucking dong Shout out to my homie chasin In CS we keep blazin We slit ur damn throat like Jason on the 13th friday N dont tell me after uve had a bad day. @Enlil @Cobra @IItzFaithYT
  14. rAp bAttle

    THis is the dopest mofocking BAR of ALL TIME !!!
  15. rAp bAttle

    @Cobra Show me them barzz bruh.

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