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  1. Pentium 4 Benchmarks?

    AMD Athlon processors were king in the early 2000s when Athlon 64 came out. I can actually run GTA 3 just fine on my Athlon system. If you aren't going to take this post seriously, let someone else provide useful information. ~Will admit cooling is a slight issue only because my cooler is 14 years old.
  2. Pentium 4 Benchmarks?

    Answered in PM, just for everyone else. Windows XP installed, can install Linux distros for certain testing. DirectX 9 (One DX8). Some have Shader Model 3, most have no shader support.
  3. Live or die - Winners edition.

    Attempts to +2 dead Wrath... Wrath (0.5) He breathes too hard and dies. Welp, I wasted a turn.
  4. Sometimes.

    Look at this ばか Doesn't understand 日本語 Or posting.
  5. Pentium 4 Benchmarks?

    So I found a junker Pentium 4 and a shit load of AGP graphics cards. I wanted to know the best programs and games to benchmark the Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64, and AMD Sempron, along with cards such as ATI Rage and NVIDIA NX6600. Give me a long list of programs and games and I will test most of them! I'm doing this for science, nothing else!
  6. Sometimes.

  7. Sometimes.

  8. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    I'll try to come. Don't trust my alarm.
  9. Live or die - CS 1.6 Admin edition.

    +1 Sleepie +1 Girnio 1. yellow (✞) 2. Girino (15) 3. sleepiexjay (15) 4. Godlike (✞) 5. DarkxD (✞) 6. iSUCK (✞) 7. Magnum (20) 8. Scape (✞)
  10. Overbudget for Gaming PC Build From $1250 to $1000

    I was buying a new one, but I might go with the BenQ just because my brother recently recommended it before I mentioned a monitor, which really says something for its reputation. Anyway, it will depend on my budget, I'll try to find one on sale by the time I get paid. Thanks for the help. Does everything else in the new build look fine? https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZbRpYr
  11. Overbudget for Gaming PC Build From $1250 to $1000

    As for the Ryzen, I've heard the price/performance for the 5 1600 is fine, so I may make the swap saving 80$. The 1060 6GB is an option, but my preferable replacement might be the RX 580. As for the Intel CPU, I don't consider it an option. Will double check it, I'm not very experienced with monitors, I just want 1080p 144hz 1ms. Updated Build: Still includes the Gn246HL due to a $70 price hike. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/4gbn4C
  12. I'm buying the parts I need for a brand new PC this summer. I'm a little over budget, could I get some recommendations on parts to cut down?
  13. new way to play cs

    My cousin has his XBone in his Semi. Whenever he's not driving, he's driving in Forza or GTA
  14. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    I will definitely be there. I'm adding a calendar notification right now. Prepare to get floored scrubs. +1
  15. rA. MrKawaiiKun

    The application came in now because I plan to increase forum activity. I've been lurking, but I don't see many posts that would see a reply from myself very beneficial. Basically, stay out of what doesn't concern me. Anyway, I'm checking back daily from now on. As well as playing on servers daily.