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    Here's are some older pics from a couple of years ago. This was at some bar... This was at the studio about to record some music... This was in Mexico with my Brother on the right. Having some drinks by the pool This is in my elevator - to show the progress of my work-out routine. And this is another couple of photos from Mexico.. and Me and my Girl ) older picture...
  2. Staff Update #13

    I know it's late -- but... CONGRATS TO ALL OF YOU!! @iSUCK cs1.6 @AnnaLee @lola shmola VERY WELL DESERVED INDEED!!

    @Bam Bam - so what you are saying .... is that you are the SMEXIEST one in the picture! lol
  4. Staff Update #12

    Congrats all!! Well deserved promotions!! and thanks for not demoting me.. I try to be as active as I can.. but with three businesses, a son ( with lots of afterschool activities), helping both my family, my wife's family, my baby mama's family -->> I end up being quite busy. Thanks for understanding.
  5. Dam. So busy nowadays! Wish I could take part!
  6. Staff Update #9

    Congrats and Welcome Back ALL!! What a TEAM!! Good job to you all!!
  7. Staff Update #8

    Congratulations Errybody!! - So happy for all! You all deserve these Promotions for sure!!
  8. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    @aimetti Congrats to your event win - I'm looking forward to the next event where I can hopefully be able to participate in.
  9. Staff Update #7

    @Arash Good Luck with everything man! It's been an pleasure getting to know you. Hope to see you around on the servers =) and Congrats to @FriedPotato and @BLaCK-D3V!L for their well-deserved promotions! I'm sorry to the Cs:Go admins that the server is no longer... but you should all come play 1.6 - it's better anyways, besides the graphics lol And good luck @Cooki3_Monst3r with your Developing role - you and Wrath will make a great team. Now go fix the classic server so its stops bugging out when we change maps LOL JK.. kinda. and that's a shame to see what happened with Enlil =( ---> didn't think Enlil would respond or react that way -- but I agree that those type of actions, especially from an admin should not be tolerated in this community. Well.. Cya in the game all!
  10. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    Dammit! Everytime there is an event - I am busy - LOL - Would have loved to join but I will be helping my parents move to their new home the whole day! SUPER BIG ASS move. But good luck to all the participants! Just don't let @Lasse win -- or everyone will think its rigged haha.
  11. Staff Update #6

    congrats to all the newbies! and best of luck to sleepie and Girinos! Hope to see you guys at least every now and then!
  12. Quick PSA.

    wow.. I missed a lot of events happening here. I'm glad to you banned him permanently from forums and servers - that is such a LOW LOW LOW thing to do.. trying to hack into another person's account - regardlesss of whether they are an admin or not. And also - putting words into the mouths of others -- all just to try and get admin?? -->> well - I guess we chose correctly not to give him admin in the first place. Sad move Devin.
  13. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    Sunday would definitely work better for me! @RIS`
  14. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    Lol that will be PURE CHAOS! but with that being said.. might be fun! lol I really want to be part of this -- but I'm afraid I won't be able to make it timewise...
  15. Yoooooo.

    welcome to the servers Kodak - seen you a couple times already in the server - good player, respectful and fun. =)
  16. Staff Update #4

    Thanks so much! I'm very appreciative of this promotion!
  17. New Scrim Server

    I like the idea of being able to do PUG scrims. I think scrimming with each other brings people together and its a different type of gameplay from just the regular - with strats and more teamwork!
  18. Staff Update #3

    Woot woot congrats! Welcome back.. and come back Tetrix! =)
  19. What is your best color?

    uh oh. Ali and Kazbo gonna have a colors turf war - RED vs BLUE lol!
  20. Clan Skin Weapons

    Go @Wrath!! You da man if you can't do it NO ONE can! LOL!! haha but seriously.. good stuff bro! Can't wait to unlock it!
  21. Live or die - Global Admin edition.

    +1 to RIS and finesse LOL let's keep this one going a bit RIS (14) finesse (18) Jaxiki (✟) SixSixSix (✟)
  22. How well do we know each other?

    The person above me is one of the first admins I met from rA when he was playing with his rA tag on in the Hong Loan server. LOL
  23. Staff Update #2

    Congrats on all your promotions Guys and Gals! I'm sure you all deserve it!
  24. PHASE 1 - Admin accepted PHASE 2 - Let's JOIN RA Clan - What is your in-game name? -=[on 24]=- Scape 327 **** - How old are you? 30 - Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most? Main1 - Where do you live? State(Country, (Province, Territory) City) Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia - How can we contact you? (Steam ID / Discord) STEAM_0:1:11484232 - Are you active in another community/clan? I am active as an Ra admin - What is your Key ID? (Go into the server, type /account, press 2 for account info) 55314