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  1. I used to be into watching Bball -- but recently I've been so busy that I don't even know what's happening in the league right now. I don't know half of the players nowadays.. LOL. But I'll probably check out the finals regardless. My favorite team right now I guess would be Toronto Raptors - mostly because they are Canadian and I gotta support my home country lol. But, I really hope that Oklahoma does good.. Since everybody left them.. but Westbrook I hear is carrying the team on his back... GOOD FOR HIM. He is like an old school All-Star - not one that jumps on the easy train.. but one that pushes hard to make an average team GREAT.
  2. Nice to Meet you Kazbo
  3. Hello All! To the admins that have read my Admin Application - you will already know most of this.. But, for the regs and other registered users with a profile.. this is for you. Here's a little bit about myself: Real Name - Angelo Africa --> yes that is my real name. Ethnicity - Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, Black - depending on my facial hair, haircut and tan at the time - I am confused for many nationalities LOL Family - I am happily married - not in the eyes of the government just yet.. but have been married in terms of love and religion to a great gorgeous girl. My wife is kick-ass. She was a Sun Hang Do Instructor (korean complete martial art) and is a 3rd degree Dan Black Belt. She has also won the title of Grand Champion - beating out other males and females for the title. You should see her with nunchuks and other weapons. Holy Cow! With that being said.. I'm never too worried about her when she goes out without me. LOL. I also have a son - he plays a little cs every now and then but is more into playing basketball in real life. Work - I currently am running a LOT of things for work. 1) I operate a warehouse filled with Power Wheels. We sell all kinds and models direct to individuals interested in them.. and also as a wholesaler that imports it for other companies who sell them. If you don't know what a Power Wheels is... Here are some pictures. 2) I own a flowershop. Yes a FLOWERSHOP. I enjoy bringing happiness to people's lives. Or for the other scenario -- I enjoy giving people a beautiful tribute for a life well lived. (Funeral Flowers) Never in a million years would I have thought that I would be running a Flowershop when I grew up lol.. BUT.. here I am.. and enjoy it greatly. If you are ever in BC, Canada or want to send flowers to someone in Canada - check out the website - 3) I do acting on the side. I have been in various movies and tv shows. Really cool work. I am blessed that Vancouver Canada is big in the movie industry in terms of filming. I've been in TV shows like "Fear the Walking Dead" and movies like "Elysium" - Here are some pictures of some... THESE are from the WARCRAFT MOVIE where I played a knight - such a fun but tiring experience - that armor is actually quite heavy and was a workout to wear the entire day - especially in the fighting scenes we did.. I beefed up here, working out and gaining a bunch of muscle weight for this part LOL 4) I own a moving company. We do moves for people. It's like having a gym pass except people pay you instead to work out. LOL Here are some Logo pics we did for the company 5) I also help out with a Company called "Bundles of Fun Party" -- we setup party events for companies, kids bdays, promotional functions etc. We do everything from renting and decorating the venue, to providing Disney Princesses, Superheroes and other character mascots for the parties. We also provide all sizes and types of inflatable Bouncy Castles! Here are some pics as well =) Venue Decorated for Kids Bday Party My son attending the Bouncy Castle Look its Minnie Mouse LOL Well that's enough about me... Thanks for making it all the way through if you got this far. Now go and share something about yourself =P Nice to meet everyone and hope to see you all in the servers! Cheers! Oh yea.. I used to do music too.. but haven't had much time too recently.. you can check out some of my VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY old stuff on -=[on 24]=- Scape 327 ****
  4. Hello Liu! I didn't know you were Canadian too! East Coast or West Coast? or? are you a central prairie folk lol?
  5. Cool. never really played with skins before.. can't wait to get the kills I need to skin up LOL
  6. DEFINITELY a GREAT show!! And even though I agree that they made it more.. mass appealing with the new episodes.. the FINAL episode was still pretty dam good. But I am BIAS because... I am a Cumberbitch lol.. <--- from an SNL skit if you haven't seen it. But very witty and clever show indeed. I just finished watching the last episode. Anyone know if they are making more?? or is that it?? The episode was called "THE FINAL PROBLEM" anyways, if there is more.. then GREAT!! and if not. then I'm gonna rewatch it with the wifey this time round.
  7. cool post.. even after playing for a LONG ASS TIME.. there was a couple things in here that I have been neglecting especially when it comes to the console command settings. Good to know!
  8. Nice Pictures Man! Keep it up!

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