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  1. Staff Update #12

    Congrats all!! Well deserved promotions!! and thanks for not demoting me.. I try to be as active as I can.. but with three businesses, a son ( with lots of afterschool activities), helping both my family, my wife's family, my baby mama's family -->> I end up being quite busy. Thanks for understanding.
  2. Dam. So busy nowadays! Wish I could take part!
  3. nice picture scapy scapy :)....whats it like up there...i like mountain climbing but that paragliding is so scary... scary as scapy lol.

  4. Staff Update #9

    Congrats and Welcome Back ALL!! What a TEAM!! Good job to you all!!
  5. Staff Update #8

    Congratulations Errybody!! - So happy for all! You all deserve these Promotions for sure!!
  6. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    @aimetti Congrats to your event win - I'm looking forward to the next event where I can hopefully be able to participate in.
  7. Staff Update #7

    @Arash Good Luck with everything man! It's been an pleasure getting to know you. Hope to see you around on the servers =) and Congrats to @FriedPotato and @BLaCK-D3V!L for their well-deserved promotions! I'm sorry to the Cs:Go admins that the server is no longer... but you should all come play 1.6 - it's better anyways, besides the graphics lol And good luck @Cooki3_Monst3r with your Developing role - you and Wrath will make a great team. Now go fix the classic server so its stops bugging out when we change maps LOL JK.. kinda. and that's a shame to see what happened with Enlil =( ---> didn't think Enlil would respond or react that way -- but I agree that those type of actions, especially from an admin should not be tolerated in this community. Well.. Cya in the game all!
  8. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    Dammit! Everytime there is an event - I am busy - LOL - Would have loved to join but I will be helping my parents move to their new home the whole day! SUPER BIG ASS move. But good luck to all the participants! Just don't let @Lasse win -- or everyone will think its rigged haha.
  9. Staff Update #6

    congrats to all the newbies! and best of luck to sleepie and Girinos! Hope to see you guys at least every now and then!
  10. Quick PSA.

    wow.. I missed a lot of events happening here. I'm glad to you banned him permanently from forums and servers - that is such a LOW LOW LOW thing to do.. trying to hack into another person's account - regardlesss of whether they are an admin or not. And also - putting words into the mouths of others -- all just to try and get admin?? -->> well - I guess we chose correctly not to give him admin in the first place. Sad move Devin.
  11. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    Sunday would definitely work better for me! @RIS`
  12. [EVENT] Night at the DM!

    Lol that will be PURE CHAOS! but with that being said.. might be fun! lol I really want to be part of this -- but I'm afraid I won't be able to make it timewise...
  13. In-Game Name:  San_Cvander
    Server you want admin in, choose one and add it to the topic of your application. =CS 1.6 Servers: [Dust 24/7/
    my age is 27
    Timezone (UTC):
    USA ( EST) i am from penselvinia
    Steam ID [If you have one]:
    Do you have Discord?
    yes San_Cvander#0851
    If so, what is your Discord tag?
    What languages do you speak?  
    Why would you like to work with us?
     I not only like the server , but i love this server, admins are awsome and fair, and i think i am playing this game from 7 to 10 years , good experience and knowledge and can make fair judgement if opportunity provided , i am totaly committed to this server.
    Why would you make a good addition to the current team?
    mostly im intrested, i have good gameplay , frequency on this server , so i think i might  be totaly worth it for this server
    If you had to choose three important qualities a staff member should possess what would they be? Explain the reasoning behind choosing those specific three:
    first of member should be frequently playing that implies his amount of dedication for this server , secondly him communication skills with other members (no rude language with anyone ) , last but not least respecting each other mostly to admins decision ( This is just a game should never be taken personlly)
    Any other additional information? about my background i am working with google (Network enginner )  , and most important i am good person
  14. Yoooooo.

    welcome to the servers Kodak - seen you a couple times already in the server - good player, respectful and fun. =)
  15. Staff Update #4

    Thanks so much! I'm very appreciative of this promotion!

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