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  1. Drawka for rA

    Good luck !! If your request is approved, welcome!
  2. New servers?

    The way things are, the UWC3 server has a tendency to die. Well, another suggestion ... create a server with random maps , traditional maps which made history in CS : Dust , Dust2, Aztec, Inferno, nuke, assault , italy, train and cbble. Certainly there are many people wanting to play tradttional maps. About Pokemod.. I searched gametracker and I found just 2 servers. I believe that it weren't good mod. I think pokemod has the same problem as UWC3. Players with low level would hardly kill those who had high level. http://www.gametracker.com/search/cs/?query=pokemod BF2 mod: there are more servers ... http://www.gametracker.com/search/cs/?query=bf2
  3. ~ra Clan application

    I hope never see him in game ... waller and aim. http://renegade.army/banned/ban_list.php?bid=31433
  4. ~ra Clan application

    I was going to say ... Welcome !! But, I reported you now by use of wallhack. If I am mistaken, I will come back here and welcome you.
  5. New servers?

    When I started playing UWC3, the server had more movement, more players. Today, no ! I have rarely played with more than 3 players. I noticed that many players left the server because they had no chance to kill a player with a high level skill . The chances of a new player are minimal ! This discourages playing and they left the server. Currently I have seen only 4 or 5 players attending the server. Lately I've always played with the bots. I would suggest changing the mod of the game ... maybe WC3 or BF2. I believe that by changing the UWC3 to one of these 2 MODs, the server will come to life, it will have more players. These mod are fairer with all players. BF2 MOD https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=51493 WC3 https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=129465?p=129465
  6. - What is your in-game name? Godlike - How old are you? hummm... 54 ( Oldest Cs player ) - Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most? WC3 and DUST - Where do you live? State(Country, (Province, Territory) City) Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil - Natal - How can we contact you? (Steam ID / Discord) Here, forum - Are you active in another community/clan? I report cheaters in DSK, SG, uGamers and Wristhax servers - What is your Key ID? (Go into the server, type /account, press 2 for account info) 64194
  7. Portuguese

    Olá Daniel !!! Somos patrícios !! mas na hora do jogo isso não conta !!! kkkkk Ok !!! Eu ja reportei muitos cheaters em outros servidores e geralmente eles banem os caras rapidinho. Aqui demora um pouco mais ! Qual servidor vc joga ?
  8. Portuguese

    Blz, cara ? Qual servidor que vc joga ? Eu estou sempre no UWC3 e Dust2. Cara, eu estou postando um monte de cheaters e os caras nao sao banidos. É assim mesmo ?? Os caras nao daqui nao ligam ?
  9. Portuguese

    Estamos na área !!! São de onde ? Estou em Natal- RN