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  1. Suggestion Main 1

    1- The server needs an AUTO BALANCE plugin. It is unfair to play against a clearly superior team for several and several rounds waiting to occur a balance between the teams. https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=705142 2- Semiclip ... https://www.megatopico.com/download/file.php?id=36076&sid=59c3b729142f2d4ff3bdf06348c4ee8f https://www.megatopico.com/semiclip-evita-travar-players-do-mesmo-time-t57148.html
  2. Suggestion Main 1

    it works, although it is not very practical. Thanks for the tip. A year playing here and only now I knew that. I think few players know this detail.
  3. Staff Update #13

    @AnnaLee , @lola shmola , @iSUCK cs1.6
  4. Videos !

    Brazilian female military police training ... HEAD SHOT !!
  5. Classic server maps

    Very good !
  6. Merry Christmas !

    Send your message here .... Merry Christmas !
  7. Merry Christmas !

    @AnnaLee you are right . Revised !!! :-) Happy New Year !!! Bonne année !
  8. Merry Christmas !

    May the peace and blessing of Christmas be yours and may the coming year be filled with happiness ! HO HO HO HO Merry Christmas !!!
  9. Main1 lagged ! I've never played on a server with so much lag. Many people are complaining about this. I think that Main1 server needs some adjustment
  10. Por Que quero ser um administrador

    I explained the whole process and difference between being an admin and being a member. I tried to help him. he told me that he gave up both. In my opinion, this attitude demonstrates immaturity. OBS: The topic was opened in the wrong place. The correct procedure was explained to the interested party.
  11. Classic server maps

    One step at a time ! That's what we say here, Brazil ! Well ... Starting with or without money for me is indifferent but ... auto-sniper ?????? I choose to restrict items and have start money .
  12. Classic server maps

    I agree with you @iSUCK. Many of all those maps , although good, were not successful in CS. My suggestion of maps is as follows: 1 : de_dust 2 : cs_italy 3 : de_inferno 4 : de_aztec 5 : cs_assault 6 : de_nuke extra 7 : de_westwood 8 : cs_office I played a few times in Classic and some players complained that they did not have any more money to buy the weapons. For being the classic mode I thought correct but ... many players left the server for this reason. So my suggestion is to start the round with $ 16,000 . I hope these changes can attract more players because I'm having nightmares from so much playing Dust2 !!!
  13. Staff Update #12

    Congratulations !!!
  14. Lasse Wasse

    Happy Birthday !!
  15. Main 1 last one standing

    I agree with Gotchu .
  16. HBD San

    Oh man ... I used Paint brush !! hahahhahahaha OMG !!!! lol ! Corel is not working !!
  17. HBD San


    No more Godlike... now is Oldlike !! ahahhahahahha

    ahahahahahha I'm a little older than you ... 54 years !! lol