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  1. Classic Server Bots

    Was the server created just for you and some talented players?
  2. Classic Server Bots

    With this configuration of bots, nobody will play on the server. This is the reason why the server is always empty.
  3. Suggesntion Main 1

    It is better !! Thanks !! Campimeter is working all map. Activate it only on the terror base.
  4. 1-The new bots mess up the game too much. Change the program. 2 - Remove or change the campimeter 3- Install an auto balance. The other day there was only 1 CT player, with 2 bots, playing against 4 players and 1 bot for several rounds !! 4- Install a system when there are more than 4 players the bots are disabled.
  5. Laming explained

    And BOS .. What is ? what definition and when to use?
  6. Suggesting again

    Suggestions: 1- Disable flash team . 2- Change plugin semi-clipe . if you use the bind and unfortunately, release the key when you are in the same position as another player, both are locked. When the server is full, almost always someone from your team stops you. 3- Is there any way to disable / chatsettings? I configure it but the original settings come back later.
  7. Suggesting again

    Flash team has been disabled !! VERY GOOD !! Thanks @Wrath !!! And semi clip ? A doubt ... I used one of the AK-47's skins and realized that there is lag when I shoot. This does not happen when I am using normal weapons. Did anyone notice that?
  8. Help ( game delay )

    I've noticed a certain delay in my game, around half a second. I realize more clearly when I am going to open a door, plant the C4 and when I try to change weapons. Sometimes I can't even change weapons! I press Q, nothing happens, in desperation I press the key again and the pistol comes and changes to the main weapon immediately. In that time, I already died. I recorded these 2 demos ... the first recorded on the server and the second, playing alone on my PC, LAN. Almost the same thing Does this delay happen to you ? Am I seeing things ??? If not, what could I do to reduce this delay ? 1.dem 2.dem
  9. Help ( game delay )

    Exactly ... I start planting C4 and suddenly stop because I'm out of the right place to plant it. As if the game was slow to be updated. This update is bothering me ... it happens to open doors, I approach it and it opens slowly. The movement of the door is not uniform , it is slow with small locks . 100% of the flashes make me blind. It is no use I turn my head, the player. Sometimes I run away and try to protect myself behind the wall but ... I'm always blind. It is as if I were not there, as if I were still in the previous scenario, as in demos when I try to plant C4. When someone hits me, my player crashes (frezze) , I can't move for 1/2 sec, sometimes even in midair (jumping) , a shot freezes me , interrupting the jump ! I read about the rate, up and cm settings ... I've tried everything. The only difference is that, normally my ex_interp is 0.1. If I put in 0, cmdrate goes crazy. I do not believe it is an internet problem because I have the same problems played on LAN. I will check this CPU/GPU/RAM. maybe some of them are overloaded !! About server ... The server the other day was really laggy. Perhaps because it is full. On this day I tested the route of my connection and it was normal, 140 ping but on the server was 240.
  10. Suggesting again

    Understand ... the semi clip is good. What I ask is that the type of plugin be changed or that it be activated automatically, without the need to press the E key so that you can cross the player. As the server has been with a lot of players, I have been playing by hitting the E key all the time. Depending on the situation, you cannot go back or forward . The plugin is good but not this. My opinion !
  11. Staff Update #14

    Thanks and congratulations to the new admins! my old friends ... Congratulations on your promotions !!
  12. Suggesting again

    Intall semiclip and remove team flash. Change ATB ( auto balance ) Bots lock and push you, sometimes you can not move. 80% of the servers use these plugins. Why not here?
  13. Suggesting again

    As I said.. "Suggesting again" . It's the second time I'm suggesting it because playing this way is too bad. This ATB is ridiculous !! 4 players against one and you can not change teams. I left the game and reconnected and did not solve the problem. I already tried, as admin, to transfer players but when the round restarts, what I did is undone. About Teamflash removal .. I play in others servers and ... work well ! Why is it different here? Well... I tried !! :-) Thanks, bro !!!
  14. Suggesting again

    when I say that the server needs a better ATB, that's the reason ... 4 x 1
  15. Lag

    Yes. GG
  16. Lag

    Only me or everyone has a lag problem on the server? 30 shots just register 1 hit. When the guys are born I have to wait a while before killing him to get a bonus. Not with me. I'm born and I'm already dying and the guys are winning bonuses. Another detail .. I get shot and I'm paralyzed for 1 second. If I'm jumping, I get shot, I stand in the air, I fall and I get paralyzed. Is that normal?
  17. Hi to all, i'm back.

    Welcome , bro !!
  18. app clan

    This guy was banned ! AIMBOTER !! friend axel and vzla VALVE_0:0:1171831276
  19. Demo Reviewer

    Just a suggestions ... There are 36 reports of hackers. I have been reporting for a month and nobody is banned. My suggestion is to appoint someone a little more dedicated to the forum or that any admin could evaluate the demo, give his opinion, if idemo is clean or dirty, and, after that opinion, the person responsible for banning only added steam to the banned list . In this way, it would not burden only one person. http://renegade.army/forums/index.php?/forum/40-report-cheaters/
  20. Renegade Army Dust2 24/7 server @Wrath Maybe there is a problem with the C4 plugin. de_dust20002.bmp
  21. Introduction - Richard

    Welcome ! Just like you, I also played for a long time, WCFT3 mode. Unfortunately the servers with this MOD are rare. I hope you have a lot of fun on our servers.
  22. spectator plugin

    I realized that some kind of plugin was installed that shows on the screen who is watching you. I particularly think it a bad idea because any suspicious player who knows who is being observed, logically that will disable the cheat not to be discovered.
  23. Demo Reviewer

    My suggestion ... any Head Admin could help . He would watch the demo and do an analysis.. clean or dirty. Of course this would help a lot and there would be more participation from the other members.