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  1. Well ... maybe I have found the solution ...
  2. Eu fiz isso e so piorou a situação. Usando o código eu perco todos os meus skills . Eu tive que remover esse codigo pra voltar ao normal. Meu problema é que toda vez que eu entro no servidor (UWC3) eu preciso escolher cada item . Esse codigo que vcs me ensinaram é pra registrar meus dados, tipo estatistica de quantas mortes, quantos matei, HS, essas coisas.
  3. I appreciate everyone's help. I think I could not explain the problem but the photos will help. Ice Boys ... You are thinking about the rank skill, statistics and more information. The skill I'm referring to is about skills acquired in UWC3 mode. Tested today ... !
  4. Hi Ice !! Thanks !!! I have account but my skills are been reseted . Ineed choise skills when change map or when I connect server. Sorry by my English. I speak portyuguese.
  5. I can not save my skills. Every time I enter the server, I need to configure my skills. Is there any way to save this configuration? Before, I did not have to do anything. Bug or it is normal ?

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