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  1. Login Issue...

    i am having issues with auto login too
  2. Hi to all, i'm back.

    Hi guys, i was out for a while and don't know what happend in this time but i am happy for can come back.
  3. Hi all, i was out a long time, i'm back for a little time maybe :) 

  4. In surf have an announcement like this: When are 2 players say /knifevote but, when you say knife vote, don't works
  5. Hello and Bye

    Oh hello, it's me Girino, i only maked this post for who know me and "like" me, i am going out for a long time(or no) by School And Work, i get every day busy and i can't look at the ZP server. Thx all for everything.
  6. Staff Update #6

    Congrats everyone, good luck in the staff
  7. bye

    Good Lucky with everything of you will do bro! Bye
  8. Yoooooo.

    Welcome to the community/forums!
  9. The return of the lizard

    Welcome back, you already know me ❤️
  10. Staff Update #4

    LOL, Congrats everyone, Welcome new admins
  11. Cs 1.6 Zombie City Maps Requests

    Hello everyone, well here my have my suggestion to add some maps to the zombie city server, my'll leave the links here, if my want to add them, thank my 1 Map: zm_facility_final Link: 2 Map: zm_facility_area Link: 3 Map : zm_mirage_kamp Link: 4 Map: zm_foda_v2 Link: 5 Map: zm_rock_v3 Link: Hope all enjoy theses maps
  12. Introduction [ sHiro^Ushino ]

    Hi @sHiro` ~Ushino Welcome to the forums, enjoy the community, i'm Girino, admin from ZM server i hope you enjoy.
  13. Staff Update #3

    Congrats ALL!
  14. Nice tutorial and system, will help a lot!
  15. Introduction - MrKawaiiKun

    @MrKawaiiKun Welcome to the forums, enjoy the community, i'm Girino admin from CS 1.6 Zombie Server
  16. Staff Update #2

    Congrats for all admins!
  17. Cat or dog

    I like dogs more, but I always wanted to have dogs and cats. In my opinion dog is more friendly
  18. What is your smartphone?

    I live in Brazil and smartphone its a big price but i have an Asus Zenfone 3 32gb version
  19. Live or die - Head Admin edition.

    +2 arash 1. Arash (19) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (06)
  20. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    hi all So, I come here to leave my suggestion: 1 New Human Class Name: Lasse (yes that's a serious name) What it contains: It has a bit of the skills of each class, and is immune to most zombie skills but only the class Siren and Tank that have effect. How to have access: The player will have to have 5000 kills "ah but for all this?" The server contains bots so it gets easier if I ask to be 500 kills. 1 New Class of Zombie: Indefinite for now. 3. I and Wrath will try to take the immunity item from the shop and put it as skill. How it works? The player will have to have a certain rank, and the ability will be activated with the I key and the player will be immune for 10 seconds, the cooling of the skill is 30 seconds and it consumes 90% stamina (almost equal to the rage) For now it's just that later when I have more ideas I do an update Ah and remembering that players who already have 5000 kills will not count. @Wrath
  21. Introduction (Liu Kang)

    Welcome back to the Forums, its me Girino the noob, lol.
  22. Hi guys Name in real life: Marlon Age: 15y Nick: Girino_Voador Steam: Yes Hobbies: uh, play CS 1.6 with lag :v. Country: Brazil City: Rio De Janeiro Picture of me: See on my perfil :v Nothing more... :v
  23. coolguy12's clan reqest

    Be more patient.

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