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  1. JailBreak its a nice idea and i think in a Zombie Escape server its most popular on cs
  2. zp

    New bug founded: I bought a vip on /perkshop and he's are gone, but @Wrath gived me he back and he gone again, Vip plugin need an fix
  3. ok, thanks for all
  4. In surf have an announcement like this: When are 2 players say /knifevote but, when you say knife vote, don't works
  5. I have an suggestion: i think to have an donator clan ;v will be and subclan but only donors(of course) can enter, will have customs skins, etc... will be 2 clans: donators and ra main :V
  6. zp

    There is a bug in zombie mode if you buy an item, for example: / get incendiary bullets and after telling / get incendiary bullets you will get your money as if you had bought it again, you could take it out and for an avsiso like "You already effected The purchase of this item "
  7. Thanks to all
  8. Hi guys Name in real life: Marlon Age: 15y Nick: Girino_Voador Steam: Yes Hobbies: uh, play CS 1.6 with lag :v. Country: Brazil City: Rio De Janeiro Picture of me: See on my perfil :v Nothing more... :v

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