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  1. Hello and Bye

    Oh hello, it's me Girino, i only maked this post for who know me and "like" me, i am going out for a long time(or no) by School And Work, i get every day busy and i can't look at the ZP server. Thx all for everything.
  2. Staff Update #6

    Congrats everyone, good luck in the staff
  3. bye

    Good Lucky with everything of you will do bro! Bye
  4. Yoooooo.

    Welcome to the community/forums!
  5. The return of the lizard

    Welcome back, you already know me ❤️
  6. Staff Update #4

    LOL, Congrats everyone, Welcome new admins
  7. Introduction [ sHiro^Ushino ]

    Hi @sHiro` ~Ushino Welcome to the forums, enjoy the community, i'm Girino, admin from ZM server i hope you enjoy.
  8. Staff Update #3

    Congrats ALL!
  9. Nice tutorial and system, will help a lot!
  10. Introduction - MrKawaiiKun

    @MrKawaiiKun Welcome to the forums, enjoy the community, i'm Girino admin from CS 1.6 Zombie Server
  11. Staff Update #2

    Congrats for all admins!
  12. Cat or dog

    I like dogs more, but I always wanted to have dogs and cats. In my opinion dog is more friendly
  13. What is your smartphone?

    I live in Brazil and smartphone its a big price but i have an Asus Zenfone 3 32gb version
  14. Live or die - Head Admin edition.

    +2 arash 1. Arash (19) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (06)
  15. Bug Reports and Suggestions.

    hi all So, I come here to leave my suggestion: 1 New Human Class Name: Lasse (yes that's a serious name) What it contains: It has a bit of the skills of each class, and is immune to most zombie skills but only the class Siren and Tank that have effect. How to have access: The player will have to have 5000 kills "ah but for all this?" The server contains bots so it gets easier if I ask to be 500 kills. 1 New Class of Zombie: Indefinite for now. 3. I and Wrath will try to take the immunity item from the shop and put it as skill. How it works? The player will have to have a certain rank, and the ability will be activated with the I key and the player will be immune for 10 seconds, the cooling of the skill is 30 seconds and it consumes 90% stamina (almost equal to the rage) For now it's just that later when I have more ideas I do an update Ah and remembering that players who already have 5000 kills will not count. @Wrath

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