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  1. Introduction [ sHiro^Ushino ]

    welcome to the forum
  2. The country

  3. How well do we know each other?

    The person above me is a Private First Class
  4. How well do we know each other?

    The person above me is persian. He likes deathrun and music that takes you to another world
  5. Cat or dog

    lol @Plato I never talked about eating geese. I love them, not their meat. Poor creatures murdered by your neighbors
  6. Last person to post wins

    Not so fast ! Liu Kang... win P/S: whoever posts next will get a fatality
  7. Cat or dog

    Cat for me. I know dogs are amazing too but historically my family has been with cats only. Off topic: as I live in Canada, I love Canadian geese @Plato @Scape?
  8. Live or die - Head Admin edition.

    -2 Wachi Arash (0) Klaathaxx (18) Plato (18) Wachi (9) Like this
  9. RA Clan Application

    Badass, talented, and good with his gun. I don't see why not . You will be a big contributor to the clan @Scape
  10. Player Collision Poll

    I totally feel you finness as it happened to me many times. However, as the people above have made it more than clear, player collision makes rA main1 special. I rarely see a server with collision. And it's fun to go to cts base and discover the enemies climbing up walls and boxes (mostly @Ali lol) For my selfish reasons, I gotta admit that it's fun to spray at a bunch of enemies being stuck together, and I do like disabled teamflash which tremendously helps with team rushes (but i'm fine without it if admins decide to enable it). That's my 2 cents Vote NO
  11. Live or die - Head Admin edition.

    -2 Plato 1. Arash (12) 2. Klaathax (18) 3. Plato (18) 4. Wachi (13)
  12. Introduction - Scape 327

    You got a badass look and very colorful life bro. Lots of respect to you (and your wife)
  13. Live or die - Head Admin edition.

    +1 Klaathax +1 Wachi 1. Arash (17) 2. Klaathax (20) 3. Plato (20) 4. Wachi (17)
  14. Introduction (Liu Kang)

    @Scape I'm in Ontario, the center of attention lol @Wachi: I'm more of a player than a forum participant. I'm working on that And nice to know you @GirinoS
  15. Introduction (Liu Kang)

    Hi all, I have been playing in Ra main 1 for a while and haven't formally introduced myself. I'm 20 years old, not so tall but quite handsome. I am living in Canada with my girlfriend who is not very open to gaming (which is the biggest barrier between me and Ra main 1 server. But I love her very much) I enjoy playing in Ra main 1 server because of its friendly/courteous/funny players and admins (except hackers who very frequently pays the server a visit during boosting period). My goal in life is to have an exciting career and a big family, and continue to be able to play cs Happy to know everyone. Liu

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