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  1. Hello for all, I hope to return Future my activities in zombie server 

  2.                          Welcome to the clan SWAG :


    1. Swag


      Thanks bro :D

  3. @Wachi When will you have donor skin on Cs 1.6?

    1. Wachi


      Why should I have the donor skin?

  4. You will say a name from a series. But you can not talk the same series that someone else said
  5. In this topic you will say the name of an anime series or drawing without repeating the previous comment. God Luck ~Swag
  6. Anna's Violent Anime List

    None will overcome Another
  7. @Wachi I can create a topic only with no reward just for fun ?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Swag


      @wachi ok thanks

    3. Swag


      @Wachi Well i did not find an existing topic.

    4. Wachi


      Then, go ahead. Make sure to post it in its respective section.

  8. @Wachi Where should I answer that question? My topic has been closed.

    1. Wachi


      Doesn't matter, You are now accepted.

    2. Swag


      @Wachi Thank you very much for the opportunity to join the clan but I will give a warning that I will not enter almost every day because of the faculty also of the work that I do but I will try hard

  9. Sorry for my absence my PC had a problem and I could not log in so I'm sorry for not being active in the meantime.

  10. Hey wachi wanted to ask you a question is it true that you will give rZ. Immediate to the player ~ rZ brunnow?

    1. Wachi


      No...? There are requirements that every player have to meet to be in the clan first.

    2. Swag


      But he said that you would give him as soon as he reached the semi-apocalypse without having to make the requirements

    3. DoctOr Daniel

      DoctOr Daniel

      He is using a fake tag.

  11. Hello wachi good I came here to ask your help, my friend wants to buy XP in the zombie pleague server so he is BR how do I buy using Brazilian money (Reais)