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  1. - What is your in-game name?T@H - How old are you?16 - Which Renegade Army's server do you play at most?Zombie,Surf,Main I and Deathmatch - Where do you live? State(Country, (Province, Territory) City)Malaysia,Kuala Lumpur - How can we contact you? (STEAM ID) (No steam id? Email: gmail etc)STEAM_0:0:192042811 - Experience in Counter-Strike ( Leagues, etc. )No - Do you have experience in scrims?No - Do you have a microphone and headset?Yes - How much time per week do you spend on Counter-Strike 1.6?1 week atleast 32 hours - Are you still active in another community/clan? (if yes what community/clan are you still in? and how do you plan on staying active in this clan? )I have join ~rZ. Clan before and i plan a lot of time to join this renegrade.army server
  2. - What is your in-game name?:T@H - Where do you come from?:Malaysia - How old are you?:15 ( 29 January 2001) - What is your Steam ID? (NonSteam users, type "NonSteam"):NonSteam - How can we contact you?(steam,msn,Skype...etc):msn Phone number : 0163310263 - What is your actual EXP on the Zombie server?:19827750 - What is your KeyID? (Say /account and choose "Account info". Post here the ID):56162 - Why should we accept you to the clan?:Im older member on rZ clan and i know the rZ rules - Any additional information?:i dont have any information

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Renegade Army was established back in January 2011 and started off as a Counter Strike 1.6 community. The community has been expanding since then and has evolved from being a community solely focused on Counter Strike 1.6 to now being a Counter Strike: Global Offensive community as well.
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