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  1. wow 54 lol ur practically 3x my age
  2. hello


  3. @legiøN please read arash's forum post thank you!
  4. /colorchat is for all servers but most of the things on there are for zm i think that getting the donator perk is more worth if u don't really play zm (keep in mind i don't know anything about you, and you could play zm all day and already have donator perk.)
  5. attack on titan is trash LUL
  6. We are not accepting new app at the time since we are making changes to the clan (app process, requirements, perks etc.). I keep this thread unlocked but please be patient while we finalize changes - arash
  7. FINALLY, after many things past, i'm back into the community, I will be here a lot more then i was before COUNT ON IT -- sorry for not making post about leaving, my minds been in many places lately.
  8. rejected

    this topic is in wrong sub-forum. (supposed to be in rZ sub) ot: holding
  9. hehe x d t = 8
  10. rejected

    -1 you can't follow/understand rules total = 0
  11. rejected

    man are you serious rofl and idk yet about this holding
  12. rejected

    LUL hes prob on another planet but tbh u play a lot and you are active but you also seem to just want it and seems impatient so for me its a +1, -1. so im neutral right now ill think more
  13. I see you on mostly everyday; same as wrath, just be active on forums +1 total = +4
  14. is that the REAL wachi

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